How to Remove Honey Stains on the Carpet Easily

Honey is a sweet and delicious food item that people love to consume. It can be eaten in many different ways such as using it on bread, making it as an ingredient in cooking various types of food, or simply eating it right out of the jar.

Honey is really tasty and it is no wonder why countless people love to enjoy its sweet goodness. But one thing that you never want to do with this delectable treat is to accidentally spill it all over your carpet. Honey spills can really have a negative effect on your carpet. It can make the carpet fibers clump together and also attract ants to it. It can likewise leave behind an ugly stain that will definitely ruin your carpet’s appearance.

Cleaning up honey stains on your carpet can be a big problem for homeowners but if you know the proper steps to follow then you can solve this carpet cleaning problem with ease. Here are the steps that you should take in removing honey stains on your carpet.

1. Begin by removing the spilled honey on the carpet using a spoon to scoop it up. For the rest of the spilled honey, you can use a clean white cloth to blot the spill to remove it. Continue doing this until you have cleared the area of as much of the spilled honey as you can.
2. After clearing up the honey spill, the next step is for you to treat the ugly stain that it has left behind. For this step you may need to some carpet cleaning solution in order to get rid of the stain. If you have some lying around the house then you can go ahead and use that. If you don’t have any available, you don’t have to go running to the store to buy some. All you need is to mix a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water to create a homemade cleaning solution for the stain.
3. Apply some of the cleaning solution onto the honey stain on your carpet and then take some paper towels and use them to blot the area again and again. This will aid you in removing the stain. Do this until the honey stain on your carpet is completely removed.
4. The last step is to pour a glass of water onto the place where the honey was spilled. This is to help remove and flush out any excess residue that could harm your carpet in the long run. Use some clean rags to dry the area and that will finish off the task.

Dry Carpeting Cleansing Methods

Designer carpets and rugs usually compliment the interior design of our sitting room and bedrooms. Regular carpet and rugs care includes simple vacuuming. Nonetheless, cleaning a grubby, thick and hefty carpet and rugs is always a major matter of worry. A few of the different carpet and rugs cleaning methods include dry cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing. Carpeting dry cleaning technique is fairly simple and can be made use of in the house to clean any sort of medium sized soiled carpet and rugs without creating a mess throughout the procedure. With this DIY option, one can easily conserve hundred of bucks usually charged by the expert carpet and rugs dry cleaners.

Ways to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning in Your Home

When cleaning carpets and rugs, never ever follow the conventional technique that includes application of soap and water since wet the rugs tend to be heavy and therefore you will have rather a tough time when washing and washing them. Such rugs will additionally take even more time to completely dry. Furthermore, spreading a somewhat damp carpeting on the floor promotes mold and mildew development beneath it. Besides being tedious, cozy water extraction and shampooing treatments additionally create soiling within a really short time period. Hence, due to these factors, dry cleaning of carpets and rugs is the greatest cleaning technique that can be carried out in the house.

You ought to never ever await the carpeting to turn heavily soiled when you select these DIY carpet and rugs cleaning ideas. In short, always remove your carpet and rugs for cleaning when it’s somewhat unclean, so that you successfully clean it with less effort. Dry carpet and rugs cleaning method does not involve the use of water and also one does not have to have a commercial carpet and rugs cleaning device for this application. All that is needed is a practical dry carpet and rugs cleaner and some standard cleaning skills. The significant steps for dry cleaning a carpet and rugs are as enumerated below.

  1. To remove stains on your carpeting, utilize a clean broom or a soft-bristled brush to spread the cleaning item to the deeper fibers. This item follows the dirt which is easily removed by a vacuum.
  2. Effectively vacuum cleaner clean the carpeting before commencing the real dry cleaning treatment. This is useful in removing at least 80 per cent of dirt and additional adhering grains from the rug.
  3. You may additionally follow the advanced cotton bonnet carpeting dry cleaning method which needs you to hire an equipment that has spinning pads. You will then feed the option to the pads which will separate the pollutants from the fibers. This can then be followed by vacuum cleaner cleaning.

For carpet and flooring in Delaware dry cleaning will undoubtedly take about one hour of your time unlike cozy water extraction or shampooing methods. However, for routine maintenance on the long term, you ought to have the carpet and rugs steam cleaned after every two dry cleans. For challenging and stubborn carpet and rugs discolorations, a more functional answer would be to give the carpeting to an expert carpet and rugs cleaning service as it is much far better to bear the cleaning rate rather than spoil your room looks with a stained carpet and rugs!

The Dangers of Using an Incompatible Cleaning Product on Your Carpet

A carpet is a beautiful home accessory that really makes a home more beautiful and attractive. It is certainly the reason why many people love to have carpets installed in their homes to provide added aesthetic value to any room they place it in.

But keeping and maintaining a carpet is a really big responsibility that homeowners need to realize. One of the most essential details that carpet owners must know is that it is very important to use the right cleaning product on their carpets at home. Unfortunately, this fact oftentimes escapes the minds of many homeowners. This is really something that you must never forget as it can have a lot of negative effects on your carpet. Here are just some of the dangers that can come about if you use an incompatible cleaning product on your carpet.

• Discoloration on Your Carpet – Not all carpet types are compatible with particular carpet cleaning solutions. There are those which only work well with selected cleaning products. If your carpet is of this kind then you must only use the recommended cleaning solutions as using an incompatible one can lead to carpet discoloration. Some types of carpet fabric have adverse reactions to some carpet solutions thus resulting in your carpet’s color changing. You don’t want to have splotches of discoloration on your carpet so make sure you only use the safe and compatible cleaning products for your carpet at home.
• Carpet Damage – Some of the carpet types are very sensitive and are only compatible with mild cleaning solutions. If you use very strong and acidic cleaning solutions on these kinds of carpets then you could end up damaging it completely. It is not an uncommon mistake as some carpet owners don’t really know what kind of carpet they have at home thus they do not really understand the cleaning needs and requirements that it has. Nobody wants to damage a section of their carpet simply because they did not find out what cleaning product is safe and what is unsafe to use on their carpets.

Carpets can be quite expensive thus you must really pay close attention to managing it properly. Make sure that you use only compatible cleaning products on your carpets so that you don’t fall victim to any of the dangers listed above.

Removing Pumpkin Stains on Your Carpet

Halloween is not complete without having a Jack-o-Lantern in your home. Making it can be very fun and is a great experience to share with your son or daughter. It can surely make Halloween that much more spooky and a whole lot more enjoyable.

But sometimes while you are making your Jack-o-Lantern accidents can occur and you could end up with a big mess which could cause a stain on your carpet. Pumpkin stains are not that rare and can really be a very difficult problem to deal with for any carpet owner. Having a big, orange mark on your carpet is not something that you would want to remain after Halloween which is why cleaning up this mess is very important. Here is a guide that may be of use to you in trying to clean up the pumpkin stains on your carpet at home.

1. Start the process by extracting the pumpkin particles on your carpet. You could use a blunt knife or spoon for this task. Carefully scoop up the pumpkin on your carpet and then proceed to the next step once you are done.
2. Next, you will have to make a cleaning solution which will work to combat the pumpkin stain that is left on the carpet. For this you can mix a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a quart of water. Put some of the detergent-based cleaning solution in a spray bottle and then bring it to the affected area of the carpet.
3. Spray the stained portion of the carpet a couple of times with the cleaning solution. Then, allow it to set for about five minutes. This will let the cleaning solution do its purpose of breaking down the pumpkin stain.
4. Use a clean white cloth to blot the stain repeatedly. Blotting will help lift and transfer the pumpkin stain from the carpet and onto the cloth’s surface. You will not immediately get all of the stain out of the carpet which is why you must stay patient and continue blotting until the stain is completely gone.
5. Rinsing the carpet before finishing up is a really important step that some homeowners forget to do. Rinse the carpet with a cup of clean water and then use clean rags to dry the area up. This helps prevent any residue from getting left behind on your carpet.

In just a few simple steps you will be able to clean up the pumpkin stain on your carpet. That way, you will be able to get your carpet back to normal and continue to enjoy making that Jack-o-Lantern and make Halloween more enjoyable.

Removing Icing Stains on Your Carpet

What is a birthday without a birthday cake, right? Surely having a delicious and tasty cake to celebrate a birthday really completes the whole occasion. Cakes are yummy and one of the favorite parts of the cake that people enjoy is the icing.

Young and old people alike love to just take some icing using their fingers and eat it. But this is where some cleaning issues can happen. Sometimes, while you are busy entertaining your guests and visitors, you may not notice that your children may have played around with the icing and accidentally smeared it all over your carpet.

This can be a tough situation to be in as icing stains can be very hard to remove. Thankfully, I have prepared a guide that you could utilize with this cleaning problem. If ever you are facing an icing stain on your carpet, just follow the steps highlighted below.

• Remove any foreign food particles on the carpet immediately as soon as you realize what has happened. Carefully remove the excess icing by using a blunt knife and slowly scraping it off. Do it slowly and cautiously as you don’t want to spread more icing on the carpet.
• You will now need to make a cleaning solution for the stain that is left behind. For this you will need a spray bottle, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid that you commonly use, and a cup of warm water. Mix the last two ingredients together and completely dissolve the dishwashing liquid in the water. Then, place this resulting mixture inside the empty spray bottle.
• Spray the affected area of the carpet with the cleaning solution that you have just made. Allow the solution to soak the stain for about five minutes before proceeding to the next step.
• Take a piece of clean white cloth and carefully blot the area with it. The icing stain will become lighter and lighter as you continue to blot. This signifies that the process is working. Just keep doing this until all of the icing stain is gone. It may not get rid of the stain instantaneously but pretty soon the entire stain will be removed.
• Take a cup of clean water and then rinse the area where the icing stain used to be. This aids in flushing out any residue that could get left behind. Use a wet/dry vac to dry everything up and now your carpet will be just like new.

Mistakes When Choosing a Carpet Cleaner

A homeowner can have a lot of responsibilities in keeping the home clean and in tip top shape. This however can be a lot of work and would certainly take too much time and effort that some could not balance with their other activities. One such example of this happening is when it comes to carpet cleaning. Sometimes, a carpet owner may be too busy that he can’t do the cleaning on his own, thus the carpet will slowly and gradually become dirty and filthy. This is not something that you would want happening to your carpet, which is why having it cleaned professionally if you can’t do it is your best option.


But looking for a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet can be a tough task in itself. There are many carpet cleaning option which is why picking one for your home may be very difficult. Some carpet owners commit errors and mistakes in choosing their carpet cleaner that the carpet will pay for in the end. Being a smart owner means always being aware of these miscues and trying your best to avoid them. To guide you, here are some mistakes that a lot of homeowners commit when choosing a carpet cleaner.


  • Choosing Based on Cost Rather Than Qualifications – This is one problem that many homeowners have. When you talk of professional carpet cleaning, many people would think that this would be an expensive endeavour and thus many of them just go with the cheapest option available. This is one mistake that you should not do as cheap carpet cleaning services doesn’t always translate to good results. You should not only base your choice of a carpet cleaner on cost of services alone, you should pay more attention to their qualifications so that you won’t be left with a poorly left carpet that is worth exactly what you paid for the cleaning service.
  • Not Doing Your Homework – With the countless carpet cleaning options in your town or city, it has become very important that you do your homeowner on each of your potential options so that you will be able to find out valuable information which can be key in making the right choice on which carpet cleaner to hire. Doing a little background check is very essential if you want to really hire the best option available. Some carpet cleaners have negative feedback from previous customers which you won’t ordinarily find out unless you dig a little about the company, which is why always being smart and doing your research can help you avoid the mistake of hiring an inferior carpet cleaning company.

Tips in Restoring Your Water-Damaged Carpet

Water damage on your carpet is probably one of the worst problems that you can encounter as a homeowner. It can be very devastating and will leave your carpet totally ruined if you don’t know the proper steps to take to clean it up. It is also very difficult to clean up as not all carpet owners have experienced this very tough situation.


If you are dealing with water damage on your carpet, either from a broken pipe or faulty plumbing, it is always important that you take the right steps in order to get your carpet back to normal. Here are some informative tips that you can find useful in order to properly restore your carpet after water damage.


  • Extract the Water As Soon As Possible – This is important if you want to be able to save your carpet from being totally ruined. This is because prolonged exposure to water and moisture can cause a lot of problems on the carpet. It can lead to structural damage which can be very hard to recover from as well as the problem of molds and mildew which can infest your carpet if you don’t extract the water immediately. If you have water damage in your home, experts have stated that you should try to restore your carpet within 24-48 hours in order to have the best shot at getting it back to normal.
  • Dry the Carpet Completely – Once you have extracted the water from your carpet, the next important step that you should pay close attention to is drying it completely. For this, it is recommended that you remove the carpet the tack strip and remove the drenched padding underneath it. Then, be sure to dry the carpet by sectors, elevating each using a chair or a stool and then using industrial fans to dry it. Do this for each sector and continuously fan the carpet until it is completely dry. Don’t forget this tip as not drying the carpet completely will result in molds and mildew developing on your carpet, which is another problem which you’ll have to deal with.
  • For Extensive Water Damage, Get Professional Help – The best solution if you have extensive water damage is to hire a professional to help you solve this problem. Some carpet owners think too much about the money and cost of hiring a professional restoration service that they don’t consider that their carpet could be completely ruined if they try to do the daunting task on their own. For very extensive water damage, calling a professional carpet cleaner to restore your carpet will be one decision that you will surely not regret as you’ll be able to save your carpet and get it back to normal in no time.

Advantages of Having Your Tiles Cleaned Professionally

Having tiles in your home can be one of the best things that you can do to drastically improve your home’s beauty and atmosphere. Sadly, having it would require that you also clean it up and maintain it properly in order to preserve its beauty and condition. Many homeowners are having trouble with tile cleaning and maintenance which is why having your tiles cleaned by professionals is one option which has become very appealing.


Professional tile cleaners are those who will go to your home and do all the tile cleaning for you. This would mean that you won’t do any of the actual work yourself. This is just one of the reasons why many people are looking to hire a professional tile cleaner for their homes. If you have not yet considered hiring a professional to clean your tiles, check out some of the distinct advantages that it can offer you.


  • Ease and Convenience – This is certainly one of the main reasons why many people are looking to hire a professional tile cleaner. By hiring a professional to do the job, homeowners won’t need to worry or to spend time doing all of the work themselves. They can simply set up an appointment and have the professional cleaners come over and do the cleaning for them. The ease and convenience of hiring a professional to do the job is a very big advantage particularly for those homeowners who are very busy with other activities such as work or spending time with the family.
  • High Level of Cleaning – Tile owners can try to do their own cleaning but one thing that is for sure is that they are likely not able to duplicate the level of cleaning done by professionals. They are not simply called tile cleaning professionals for no good reason. The tile cleaners have the qualifications, training, and experience in order to properly handle all kinds of cleaning problems that you might have. Stains, marks, and other tile cleaning issue will not be a stranger to them as they will be able to get it out easily and offer your tiles the expert cleaning it deserves.
  • Helps Improve the Tile’s Lifespan – Having dirty and filthy tiles don’t only affect its appearance. It can also have negative effects on its condition and quality which in turn have a correlation to its lifespan. That is why hiring a professional tile cleaner is great since the experts will be able to properly handle your carpet in order to keep it in the best condition possible thus increasing its lifespan. You don’t want to have to get new tiles installed because yours deteriorated quickly because if mishandling. This is why getting professional tile cleaning from time to time is a very good choice.

Importance of Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpet can be one of the most important tasks for any homeowner. Often, we use cleaning solutions and products in stores or professional carpet cleaning services to get this done. The problem is, we may not know it but the way we clean our carpet may in fact have negative effects on the environment.


One common issue is the kind of products that we are using. Majority of carpet cleaning products available in stores and are being used by homeowners regularly may contain harmful toxins which can be very bad for the environment as well as us people. These chemical substances, examples of which are naphthalene and perchloroethylene, can cause respiratory diseases if we are exposed to it for long periods of time.


In recent times, there has been a rise in awareness for becoming more green and eco-friendly. Thankfully this has reached carpet cleaning too. There are many green carpet cleaning companies nowadays which offer environment friendly services. If you haven’t tried them out, here are some reasons why green carpet cleaning is important.


  • It Helps Save the Environment – This is probably the most important reason for having environmentally safe carpet cleaning. Saving our environment is a very daunting task which we have been trying to solve now for a long time. It can’t be remedied by a single snap of our fingers so doing our share in every little way we can is a big difference-maker. Using eco-friendly carpet cleaning may not seem like much to you but if everyone does it then it can have a huge impact in our drive to help protect our environment.
  • It Helps Protect Our Health – The environment isn’t the only thing being protected when we use eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Our health is also being protected as the toxins and pollutants, which damage Mother Nature, can also cause us a lot of harm. From respiratory diseases to allergies, carpet cleaning doesn’t have to result to these unwanted problems. This is why going green and using or hiring only environment-friendly carpet cleaners can help make a huge difference in keeping you and your family safe.



Yes, it is important to keep your carpet clean and spotless but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health or the environment. Help protect our planet and our well-being by using green carpet cleaning every chance possible. This way, you can do your part in helping save our environment.

Importance of Cleaning Water Damage on Your Carpet Quickly

Water damage is probably one of the most challenging carpet cleaning problems that a carpet owner can face. It happens when a large amount of water accidentally gets inside your home and onto your carpet. This could come about either by way of flooding because of a natural disaster, leaky pipes, or others which have the same effect.


But some homeowners still make the mistake of not having the urgency to clean up and restore their carpets after water damage quickly and swiftly. Some just let the water stay on the carpet for several hours, electing to go and attend to other matters in their home. This is a big mistake that homeowners should not avoid. Here are some of the biggest factors and the importance of cleaning water damage on your carpet quickly.


  • One importance of cleaning water damage on the carpet quickly is that the longer the water stays on the carpet, the higher the chances of extensive structural damage will be. This is certainly something that you don’t want happening as extensive structural damage can mean that your carpet will be beyond any kind of repair. That is why if you still want to be able to get your carpet back to normal, it is highly advised that you clean up the water damage as quickly as possible. Not doing this can put your carpet at serious risk of being completely ruined.
  • Another importance of cleaning the water damage quickly is to prevent the development of molds and mildew on the carpet. Molds and mildew can be very devastating and can make the carpet filthy and unhygienic. It can render the carpet unusable and is certainly one problem that can be difficult to recover from. Mold and mildew develops when the carpet is exposed to a lot of moisture and water damage certainly can give rise to this problem. Not cleaning up the water damage and drying the carpet quickly within 24 to 48 will likely cause the rapid development of molds and mildew which can make the carpet no longer being capable of being restored.


Water damage restoration is a very hard job and certainly an important task for any homeowner. It certainly needs to be done properly and quickly in order to have the best chance of getting your carpet back to normal. If you don’t believe this yet, hopefully the points above will have already changed your mind.