Cleaning up Custard Pudding on the Carpet

Custard pudding is a really tasty dessert which will surely have your mouth watering. It has a rich and creamy taste which everybody loves and it is just perfect to enjoy after a delicious meal.

Sometimes though as you are enjoying your custard pudding in the living room, you may lose your attention for a moment and all of a sudden you realize that you have spilled the treat you are enjoying all over the carpet.

Messes such as this are not a pleasant surprise for any homeowner. It often leaves the carpet ugly, dirty, and unappealing. Cleaning it up is also not easy so it would require a lot of your time and effort just to get your carpet back to normal.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the carpet is really important so you should do your best to get it clean and stain-free. To guide you, below are the steps that you should take to thoroughly clean the custard pudding stain on your carpet.

1. Scrape the spilled pudding on the carpet using a dull knife or spoon. Do this as quickly as you can so that you can contain the spill and prevent it from spreading to other areas of the carpet. You may also want to blot the spill using some clean towels to help extract more of the liquid particles of the pudding.
2. Pour a few drops of water on the custard pudding stain on the carpet to help dilute it. This is not only going to help make the stain lighter but also help make it easier to remove.
3. Make a cleaning solution using a teaspoon of clear ammonia and a cup of warm water. This solution is going to effectively remove the pudding stain out of your carpet fibers. It will also help neutralize any unwanted smell which could potentially get left behind on the carpet.
4. After making the cleaning solution, add a few drops of it on the stained are of the carpet. Let it set for three to five minutes to allow the solution to work on the stain. Then, use a clean white cloth to slowly blot the stained portion of the carpet. Continue to blot the stain until all of it is removed. It may take a while so just be patient until you get the carpet stain-free once more.
5. Rinse the carpet area you just cleaned using a cup of water and then dry it completely using a clean rag. This will complete the task and your carpet will once again be clean and back to normal.