Getting Rid of Maple Syrup Stains on Your Carpet

Pancakes or waffles just aren’t complete without having a bottle of maple syrup around. It has become almost an inseparable pair as maple syrup is always used to make these kinds of food taste better. Ask anyone if they would like to eat pancakes without maple syrup and you will surely get a whole lot of no’s along the way.

But while this kind of syrup adds sweetness to the waffles or pancakes that you are eating for breakfast, it can also add frustration to a homeowner if you accidentally get it spilled or splattered on your carpet. Maple syrup can cause an ugly stain that will surely make any homeowner cringe in disdain. A carpet is only good for the home if it is kept clean and tidy which is why learning how to fix these kinds of issues is important. To guide you, here are some steps that you should take to solve maple syrup stains on your carpet.

1. Blot the syrup on the carpet quickly in order to remove as much of it as possible. This should be done as quickly as possible because the longer you let the syrup stay on the carpet will make it all the more difficult to remove. Use a clean white cloth to blot the area and then stop as soon as the area is already dry.
2. Use a homemade cleaning solution to fight the stain the syrup spill has caused. It is actually very easy to make since all you have to do is to mix one part of white vinegar with four parts of warm water. Make sure that you mix the ingredients thoroughly and then place it inside an empty container.
3. Place some of the cleaning solution you have created on the affected area of the carpet. Don’t use too much cleaning solution though as this won’t give you better results. It will only cause more residue to get left behind.
4. Blot the maple syrup stain once more using a clean white cloth. This will cause the stain to slowly get lifted from the carpet fibers. Do this again and again until the stain is entirely gone.
5. The last step is to rinse the carpet area with some water. This helps in preventing any residue from getting left behind and causing build-up on your carpet over time. Dry the area thoroughly with clean towels to finish off the task.