Guide to Cleaning Up Marinara Sauce Stains on the Carpet

Marinara sauce can make many different kinds of food taste better. It can be used on pasta or as a sauce in many other kinds of dishes which is why it is always a very common sauce to see being prepared in many kitchens. While marinara sauce can be very tasty and rich in flavor, it can sometimes be the reason for a homeowner’s headache and this can happen if it accidentally gets onto your carpet at home.

Having marinara sauce all over your carpet is not something that anybody wants as this will definitely result in a very huge predicament that will be troublesome to eliminate. If you have marinara sauce stains on your carpet though you should not lose hope. There is something that you can do to help clean up this ugly mess. Check out some options that you can try to help eliminate this tough carpet cleaning problem

• Steam Clean Your Carpet – Steam cleaning is a very good option to try for tough stains on the carpet such as those caused by marinara sauce spills. This is because steam cleaning will be able to penetrate the tough areas of your carpet particularly the deep areas which ordinary cleaning will not reach. You can easily rent a steam cleaning device in many shops in your locality and you can do the entire process without any hassles since it is very simple and easy to do. If you have marinara sauce stains on the carpet in your home, try steam cleaning it and you will definitely be able to say goodbye t the mess in no time.
• Carpet Shampooing – Shampooing the carpet is another option for you to get rid of the ugly marinara sauce stain on your carpet. You can simply make use of any kind of carpet shampoo available in your local stores and then apply it onto the affected area of the carpet. After that use a motorized rotary brush or some normal brushes if you want and then start brushing your carpet especially the spot where the marinara sauce was spilled. Do this several times until the entire stain on your carpet is gone.

You see there are more than one way to get your carpet back to normal after spilling marinara sauce all over it. Do not let some stain ruin the way that your carpet looks. Follow the options above and you’ll definitely get rid of the problem in no time.