Guide to Removing Butter Stains on the Carpet

Butter is a very popular dairy product which is used by countless household everywhere. It is frequently used for cooking and also as a spread on bread and other pastries. It makes these food items really delicious and flavorful which is why it has become widely used in many homes.

Butter can be pretty slick and slippery which is one characteristic which is best known about it. Sometimes this can cause problems for homeowners as the butter can accidentally slip from their hands and fall to the carpet causing a mess.

An unfortunate situation such as this is likely to cause an ugly stain to develop on the carpet. Cleaning up the butter stain on the carpet is not an easy task but luckily it is very doable. If ever you are having issues with butter stains on the carpet, follow the guide below to help you out.

1. Remove the butter from the carpet as quickly as you can to avoid it from getting deeper on the carpet. Butter melts quickly so the faster you remove it the better your chances of preventing it from seeping deeper into the carpet fibers. Use a clean white cloth to blot the butter on the carpet and continue doing this until you have removed as much of it as possible.
2. Prepare a cleaning solution made out of one part dish washing liquid and four parts of warm water. The dish washing liquid is perfect for the butter stain since it can easily break down grease, oils, and other stains which are not soluble in water alone.
3. Apply the cleaning solution onto the butter stain and let it set for three minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth and slowly blot the affected area. Continue to blot the butter stain until you are able to completely eliminate it from your carpet.
4. Use a glass of cool water to flush out any residue on the carpet fibers. Then, dry the area with the use of clean rags or towels. This is one very important step as residue could get left behind the carpet and build-up over time causing damage. That is why you must never forget to do this last step in the process.

After following the guide above your carpet will surely be clean and looking like new once more. Make sure to remember the tips above to help you solve this annoying carpet cleaning problem effectively.