How to Remove Honey Stains on the Carpet Easily

Honey is a sweet and delicious food item that people love to consume. It can be eaten in many different ways such as using it on bread, making it as an ingredient in cooking various types of food, or simply eating it right out of the jar.

Honey is really tasty and it is no wonder why countless people love to enjoy its sweet goodness. But one thing that you never want to do with this delectable treat is to accidentally spill it all over your carpet. Honey spills can really have a negative effect on your carpet. It can make the carpet fibers clump together and also attract ants to it. It can likewise leave behind an ugly stain that will definitely ruin your carpet’s appearance.

Cleaning up honey stains on your carpet can be a big problem for homeowners but if you know the proper steps to follow then you can solve this carpet cleaning problem with ease. Here are the steps that you should take in removing honey stains on your carpet.

1. Begin by removing the spilled honey on the carpet using a spoon to scoop it up. For the rest of the spilled honey, you can use a clean white cloth to blot the spill to remove it. Continue doing this until you have cleared the area of as much of the spilled honey as you can.
2. After clearing up the honey spill, the next step is for you to treat the ugly stain that it has left behind. For this step you may need to some carpet cleaning solution in order to get rid of the stain. If you have some lying around the house then you can go ahead and use that. If you don’t have any available, you don’t have to go running to the store to buy some. All you need is to mix a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water to create a homemade cleaning solution for the stain.
3. Apply some of the cleaning solution onto the honey stain on your carpet and then take some paper towels and use them to blot the area again and again. This will aid you in removing the stain. Do this until the honey stain on your carpet is completely removed.
4. The last step is to pour a glass of water onto the place where the honey was spilled. This is to help remove and flush out any excess residue that could harm your carpet in the long run. Use some clean rags to dry the area and that will finish off the task.