How to Remove Iodine Stains on the Carpet Easily

Having some iodine around the house can come in really handy when you have a first aid emergency involving scrapes and wounds. Accidents can happen anywhere and it is always advised that you prepare for it. Iodine is really important for first aid as it will help disinfect wounds in order to avoid it becoming worse or infected.

While iodine can be really helpful in treating wounds, it can also cause some problems in the cleaning department if you accidentally spill some of it on the carpet in your home. Iodine is dark in color and getting some of it on the carpet fibers is not a good thing.

If you are dealing with iodine stains on your carpet at home, you should not panic right away. Just stay calm and read the guide below to learn how you can easily get your carpet stain-free and clean in no time.

1. Immediately grab some paper towels and blot the iodine which has spilled on your carpet. Never attempt to rub the spill as this is going to cause more problems for you. Just slowly blot the iodine until you are able to extract as much of it from the carpet fibers.
2. Next up is preparing a cleaning agent that will help you in eliminating the ugly stain. You should gather some materials that you will need for this step. Take a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and then combine it with five cups of warm water to make a handy cleaning solution that will be sure to eliminate the stain on your carpet.
3. Now that you have a cleaning solution ready, apply some of it onto the stained area. The iodine stain will not go away without a fight so you will need to blot the affected area repeatedly using some paper towels until the stain is gone. The time to complete this step may vary so it is essential for you to stay patient and never lose hope.
4. With the iodine stain finally gone, rinsing the carpet fibers to get rid of the unwanted residue is the last step in this guide. Do this by using a cup of water on the place where the iodine was spilled and then dry everything off using some clean towels to end the task.

Iodine and carpet fibers don’t exactly work well together but by following the guide above you’ll surely be able to restore the beauty and condition of your carpet at home effectively.