How to Remove Yogurt Stains on the Carpet

Yogurt is a very popular dairy product which many people consume on a daily basis. It is really good for our body since it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as helping improve our body’s digestion. It can be enjoyed in many different flavors while it is sometimes used to prepare some dessert recipes as well.

Yogurt is really tasty which makes it all the more appealing to everyone. But when you are eating yogurt you should ensure that you are careful as it can create quite a mess if it is spilled accidentally.

One of the worst places where you can spill yogurt is on your beautiful carpet. This is because the spill will cause a very nasty stain that can be tough to remove. If you don’t take the necessary steps, you could make your carpet stained and ugly which is something that no homeowner would want. To help you clean up the yogurt stains on your carpet, I have prepared a useful guide that you can follow.

1. Extract as much of the spilled yogurt on the carpet by making use of a spoon and removing it into an empty bowl. Make sure that you are extra careful when doing so as there are times when you can accidentally spread the spill even further.
2. Take a cotton ball and then douse it with some isopropyl rubbing alcohol. Then, use the cotton ball and slowly dab the affected area using it. This will not only help remove more of the yogurt from the carpet but it will also aid in making the stain easier to remove.
3. Mix a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of warm water in order to make a very useful cleaning solution for the stain. Ammonia is really effective when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting tiles and flooring but it also is great for removing unwanted stains on your carpet.
4. Apply a few drops of the ammonia-based cleaning solution onto the stained area of the carpet and then wait for about three minutes to let the solution work on the stain. Then, use a clean white cloth or a paper towel to slowly blot the affected area.
5. Repeat the previous step until all of the stain is removed. The yogurt stain can sometimes be stubborn which is why you should persevere and repeat the step until all of the stain is removed.
6. Pour a glass of clean water on the area of the carpet where the stain used to be. Then, dry the entire area using a clean rag or towel. This will help prevent any cleaning solution residue from getting left behind on the carpet fibers.