Steps to Clean Up Corn Syrup on the Carpet

Corn syrup is a very common kitchen ingredient that homeowners like to use in cooking. It is utilized as a sweetener in preparing many kinds of dishes and desserts and it can likewise be used as a food thickener.
Corn syrup is great in the kitchen as it can be used to prepare many tasty treats. Just don’t run around the house carrying an open bottle of corn syrup though as you will only be giving yourself a big headache if you accidentally spill it all over your carpet.
Corn syrup stains are not easy to clean up but they are certainly not impossible to remove. If you are having difficulty handling this kind of stain on your carpet at home, check out the simple steps below to help you solve this cleaning problem with ease.
• Corn syrup can get deep into your carpet fibers if you allow it to which is why the first thing that you have to do is to remove as much of the syrup on the carpet. You can make use of a clean sponge or a white cloth and blot the spill to absorb the liquid and prevent it from penetrating your carpet fibers deeper.
• Next, use a cotton ball doused with isoprophyl rubbing alcohol and blot the stained area on your carpet. The alcohol is useful in breaking down the stain to help it become easier to remove. Blot the stain again and again until the cotton dries up.
• Use a mixture of one teaspoon dish washing liquid with one cup of warm water as a cleaning solution substitute for the corn syrup stain. Just mix these two ingredients thoroughly in a container and then apply some of it onto the syrup stain. Let a couple of minutes pass first before doing anything to let the solution soak the stain.
• Blot the stain repeatedly with a clean white cloth. This will be really useful in order to slowly get rid of the corn syrup stain. After blotting repeatedly, you will eventually be able to completely remove the stain and get your carpet looking nice and clean once again.
• Finish the job by making sure no residue is left behind on your carpet. Do this by pouring a glass of water on the area you just cleaned. Then, dry the area thoroughly by using a wet/dry vac to extract the water completely.