Steps to Get Rid of Motor Oil on the Carpet

Carpet stains can be very tough to deal with for many homeowners. Dealing with stains which can render your carpet filthy is surely something that you would never want if you are a carpet owner. Sadly, these are the kinds of situations that a homeowner should be prepared to face.
There are many kinds of stains and spills that can happen to the carpet but probably one very difficult problem that a homeowner can face is motor oil getting spilled on the carpet at home. This is really a big disaster if you are a homeowner because motor oil will instantly turn your carpet black and filthy. It is really hard to clean up and will make your carpet very ugly.
If you have this problem at home, don’t be too frustrated and angry just yet. You can get rid of the motor oil spill on your carpet as long as you know the proper steps to take. Here is a guide that you can follow to help you out.
1. Remove the motor oil on your carpet as soon as possible. You can use a spoon to scoop up the motor oil and then if you can no longer do this you can use a clean white cloth to extract the oil. Do this as soon as you can so that you can minimize the negative effects of the motor oil on your rug.
2. With the excess motor oil already removed, the next phase of this guide is to remove the ugly stain that is left behind on your carpet. You would need to use a very good cleaning product in order to get rid of the motor oil stain. Check your local grocery to find a very useful cleaning agent that is specifically made for oil-based stains. Once you have it take it with you to the affected area of the carpet.
3. It is important to test out your cleaning product first to ensure that it doesn’t damage the carpet fibers. Try it on a small, unnoticeable portion to see if it is okay to use. If there is no negative effect, apply the cleaning solution on the motor oil stain and then let it set for five minutes.
4. Use a clean white cloth to continuously blot the stained portion of your carpet. This will slowly but surely eliminate the ugly motor oil stain. Continue doing this until the stain is completely removed.
5. Grab another piece of clean white cloth and then use it to cover the area you finished cleaning. Put heavy object such as books and paperweights over it so that the cloth will further absorb any liquid and oil on the carpet fibers. Afterward, vacuum the carpet to remove any excess residue and then you can use the carpet once more.