Tips in Cleaning Up Cream Cheese Stains on the Carpet

Cream cheese can make for a great addition to any muffin, bagel, or sliced bread that you are eating. It is really delicious which is why so many people love to eat in the morning, afternoon and even as a midnight snack. Cream cheese can also come in many different flavors which only add to its appeal.

But while the cream cheese can make any bread or pastry that you are eating delicious, accidentally getting some of it smeared on your carpet can be very disastrous. This is because the cream cheese is surely going to leave behind an ugly stain that will be really ruin its beauty and look.

Cleaning up cream cheese stains on your carpet may be tough but it is something that you can do something about. Follow the guide below to find out how you can deal with this mess appropriately.

• Get a clean paper towel and then use it to blot the cream cheese on your carpet fibers. This is important to do immediately so that you can get rid of the loose food particles before it attracts ants or it gets stepped on by other people. Continue to extract the cream cheese until you are able to remove most of it out of your carpet.
• Up next you will need to make a handy cleaning solution that will help you in eliminating the ugly cream cheese stain on your carpet. Add a teaspoon of dish washing liquid to a cup of warm water and you will have for yourself a very useful cleaning solution already.
• Take the cleaning agent that you have made and pour some of it on the cream cheese stain that is found on the fibers of your carpet. Allow it to soak the stain for a couple of minutes before getting a clean white cloth to slowly blot the stain.
• Blotting the stain is going to gradually remove it from your carpet fibers. Do it repeatedly until there is no more stain on the carpet. It may take several attempts before you achieve your results but don’t be affected as eventually your carpet will be back to normal.
• After removing the ugly stain on your carpet, the final step is to eliminate any residue that could get left behind. Using a cup of water, rinse the spot where the stain used to be then dry it off using some clean rags or towels.