A Really Simple and Inexpensive Way to Make Your Own Carpet Freshener

Freshening the carpet is one task which many homeowners need to focus on and unfortunately it can be one of the challenging chores that they have to do. Not only is keeping the carpet fresh difficult, it can also be one of the more costly tasks since you would normally need to spend money on special carpet cleaning solutions and equipment which can add up to a lot.

Carpet freshener can actually be pretty costly which is why many homeowners just decide to not use it anymore on their carpets. This is not really a good idea as the carpet can get really filthy and you really do not want to have that in your home. If you are a little strapped for cash and you still want to be able to keep your carpet fresh, below is a guide to make your very own carpet freshener at very little cost.

The very first thing that you should do is to gather all of the materials which you are going to use in making the carpet freshener. For this purpose you will need a plastic container which has a lid, a measuring cup, some essential or fragrant oils, a knife, some baking soda and one cup each of dried rosemary and lavender petals.

Take the knife and use it to finely chop the dried petals of the rosemary and the lavender. Set these aside and proceed to the next step.

Use the measuring cup to put one cup of baking soda inside the empty plastic container. After doing so, add the finely chopped rosemary and lavender buds to the baking soda.

Once you have done so, get the essential or fragrant oils and add approximately 10 to 12 drops of it into the mixture. You can take your pick on which fragrant oil to use but make sure that you do not add too much to the mixture.

Cover the container with its lid and then shake the mixture thoroughly. This will ensure that all of the ingredients are mixed together properly. After shaking it several times, your homemade carpet freshener should already be okay to use.

You see, making your own carpet freshener is not that hard as long as you follow the exact steps above. With this you will surely be able to save some money which you can spend on other more pressing needs around the house. Give it a try and make your own homemade carpet freshener now.