How to Clean Up the Soy Milk Stains on the Carpet

Health buffs are always on the lookout for foods and drinks which can help them have a healthier body. There are so many kinds of foods and drinks which contribute to better health and one such kind of drink is soy milk.

Soy milk is actually produced by soaking soy beans and then grinding them with some water. The milk is not only tasty but it contains the protein and other nutrients that are found in cow’s milk too. Soy milk though just like any other drink can get spilled and it can get pretty messy inside your home if you spilled the liquid on your beautiful carpet.

Removing the soy milk stain on your carpet is going to be tough but it is surely something that you can do with the right attitude and some helpful advice. Check out the guide that I have made below for you to know just how to clean up the soy milk stains on your carpet.

Extracting the soy milk is the starting point of this guide. This is because remove the liquid on your carpet is always important to avoid any more areas from getting affected. Try to use some clean sponges to absorb the spilled soy milk and then extract it into an empty container.

Making your very own cleaning solution is step number two in this guide. This is essential since the soy milk stain will not dissolve on its own. You need something to help remove it for good. A combination of one teaspoon clear ammonia and one cup warm water will be just the help that you need for this purpose.

Pour a little bit of the ammonia-based cleaning solution on the soiled portions of the carpet and then let it soak the soy milk stain for five or so minutes. Then you just have to blot the stained area repeatedly until the soy milk stain is totally eliminated. This could take a long time if the soy milk stain is really stubborn but what you should remember is to just remain patient until the stain is gone for good.

To conclude the entire process you just have to rinse the spot on the carpet where you accidentally spilled the soy milk. This last step is to help avoid any residue from remaining on your carpet fibers. Once you have done this, just dry everything using some clean towels and the job is complete.