Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Hot Water Extraction in Cleaning the Carpet

There are many different ways of cleaning your carpet and one result of this is that sometimes the homeowner can get confused as to which one to employ. Each particular method has its own pros and cons so what better way to find out if it is right for you than making a good ‘ole pros and cons list.

In this post we will be taking a more extensive look at hot water extraction which is a very common carpet cleaning method being used by homeowners nowadays. This is a method of using hot water to clean up and get rid of dirt and dust which could get into the fibers of your carpet. You just have to apply the said hot water on your carpet fibers and then extract it to complete the procedure.

So now that you know what hot water extraction is, here is some of the best advantages and disadvantages that this particular method brings to the table.


• It is really easy to do even if you are new to carpet cleaning. This is definitely one of the simpler carpet cleaning methods which is why it is a very popular one. If you want to clean your carpet in a no fuss sort of way then by all means use hot water extraction the next time you need your carpet cleaned.
• Another advantage of this cleaning technique is that it is not that costly. You do not have to use very expensive cleaning tools or equipment to perform this step. All you would need to do is get some hot water and then a vacuum cleaner or a wet/dry vac. With these tools you will already have all that you will need to get the job done.


• This particular method does come with its share of disadvantages though. One of them is the long time that it will take to get your carpet completely dry. Using water comes at a cost and that is the time needed to dry the carpet fibers up. If you are in a rush to clean your carpet then this may not be the best option to go with.

Now that you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of hot water extraction then you can make a wise choice on whether this technique is something that would be suited to your needs. Hopefully I have been of some help to you in your quest to find the right carpet cleaning method to use.