Getting Rid of Energy Drink Stains on the Carpet

Whenever you are going to workout at the gym or going on a run, having some energy drink is always a great idea. Energy drinks are always helpful since they provide our bodies with the necessary fluids and nutrients that may get lost in the process of working out. It helps in giving us a boost so that you will not run out of energy in the middle of your exercise.

Energy drinks though can have a downside to them and that is related to home cleaning. This is because sometimes the energy drink that you are drinking can get spilled all over your gorgeous carpet at home without your intention. This is not a scenario that you would want to be in which is why being proactive and learning how to clean up the mess is important.

Are you dealing with energy drink stains on the carpet in your home? If yes, read the guide below so that you will know what approach to take to clean up the mess.

It is always advised that you deal with the spill on your carpet first and foremost to have an easier time overall in cleaning up the mess. To do this, use a white cloth to slowly try and absorb the spilled energy drink using it. Continue to absorb the energy drink spill and squeeze it onto an empty bowl so that the carpet area will become clear of any liquid.

You will need a cleaning solution in order to remove this kind of stain on your carpet. The best way to go about it is using an effective cleaning product that you normally use in cleaning stains on your carpet. If you do not have this, you can opt to try making a homemade cleaning solution which can be easily made by following the countless guides you can find online about it.

With the cleaning solution of your choice on hand, go to where the energy drink stain is found and then apply a generous amount of the former on the affected area. Allowing the cleaning solution to soak the stain will be advantageous to you so just leave it there for 3-5 minutes before going to the succeeding step.

In this next step you are going to need a white cloth or some paper towels. Use either of the two to blot the energy drink stain on your carpet repeatedly in order to slowly remove it. Do this again and again and soon enough the stain on your carpet will be no more.