Advice in Removing Butter Sauce Stains on the Carpet

Butter sauce is one of the popular kinds of sauces that many food lovers enjoy. It is really tasty and it is great with almost any kind of food. Whether it is chicken, fish, or any other kind of meat, butter sauce can simply make anything taste even better.

While butter sauce is perfect for the food that you enjoy on your dining table, one place where you never want to see it on is on your carpet fibers. Butter sauce on your carpet will assuredly mean a very stubborn stain that will be difficult to deal with, particularly if you don’t really know how to properly address the issue.

Cleaning up the butter sauce stains on your carpet could be difficult if you don’t take the proper steps which is why you should follow the advice below to help you out.

• Get a clean paper towel and slowly blot the spilled butter sauce on your carpet. Do this carefully so that you do not spread the spill further. After you are able to remove as much of the spilled sauce on your carpet, proceed to the next step.
• Take a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and combine it with a cup of warm water. This is going to help you produce a very potent cleaning solution for the stain on your carpet. Butter sauce can be tricky to clean on carpet fibers because it is oil-based but the dish washing liquid will be perfect for this purpose as it can easily break down oil-based stains.
• Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution you prepared in the previous step on the butter sauce stain on your carpet. Leave it there for a few minutes in order to let it work its magic on the ugly stain. Once you have done this, get a clean white cloth and blot the affected area repeatedly, making your way from the outer part of the stain moving inward.
• Continue to do the previous step until the butter sauce stain on your carpet is completely gone. It could take a few minutes so you need to be patient until your carpet is back to normal.
• Rinse the carpet with a glass of clean water to help remove any residue that could remain on your carpet. Residue is bad since it can cause deposits that could damage your carpet over time. After rinsing the area you just cleaned, use some clean towels to dry everything off.