Advice in Removing Spilled Salad Oil on the Carpet

If you want to take proper care of your carpet at home then learning how to get rid of common stains and spots is certainly a must. There are a lot of cleaning problems that can happen to your carpet which is why always being ready and prepared is essential.

A type of carpet stain which can be very frustrating is salad oil since it is sure to leave a mark while also being very stubborn and hard to remove. No homeowner wants to have to clean up spilled salad oil on the carpet but it is certainly one situation which many people find themselves in.

If you are unfortunately facing this type of predicament at home, don’t worry as there are ways that you can try to help restore the beauty and cleanliness of your carpet. Check out these helpful steps to clean up the salad oil spill on your carpet.

1. The first thing you should do is to get a piece of paper towel and slowly blot the area where the salad oil was spilled. This is going to help absorb the oil from the carpet fibers so that it won’t spread to other areas. Continue to blot the spill until there is no more salad oil on the carpet.
2. The second thing that you have to work on is to make a cleaning solution that will help you get rid of the ugly stain which is left behind. The trick is to make your own homemade cleaning solution using some items around your house. Use a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and combine it with some warm water and you’ll definitely have a good cleaning agent for the stain.
3. The next step is to use a small amount of the cleaning solution you have created on the stained area of the carpet. Use a clean white cloth afterwards to blot the area repeatedly until the entire stain is gone. It could take some time before you completely remove the stain but just keep at it until you see positive results.
4. The final step in this guide is to ensure that there is no residue that will be left behind on your carpet fibers. To do this, get a cup of clean water and then pour it on the area which was previously affected by the stain. After which, dry everything using some clean towels to finish off the job.