Cleaning Up Strawberry Ice Cream on the Carpet

If you want to enjoy something cold on a hot and humid afternoon then getting a scoop of ice cream from your fridge is one of the best things that you can do. Ice cream comes in a lot of different flavors but probably one of the most popular is strawberry. Enjoying a cold and creamy strawberry ice cream while you are with your family and friends in the living room will surely be an excellent way to cool down on a sunny afternoon.

One disadvantage though with ice cream is that it can be really mess to eat. The strawberry ice cream can melt even before you get to finish it thus there are times that it drips onto the floor and worse yet on your carpet. You never want to experience the latter because strawberry ice cream getting on the carpet is bad news for any homeowner. It will result in an ugly stain that will be tough to eliminate and it will definitely mean a lot of time and energy that you will need to spend in trying to clean it up.

Don’t worry though as there are some things that you can do to clean up this kind of mess on your carpet. Try to read the guide below to find out how you can best clean up this mess with ease.

• Scoop up the strawberry ice cream that you have spilled on your carpet using a spoon. Do this right away while you are still able to do so. For the ice cream which has already melted, try to blot it with the help of some clean paper towels until you have removed as much of it as you can.
• Once you have removed the spilled ice cream on the carpet, the next thing that you need to do is to dilute the stain that is left behind. The ice cream spill will cause your carpet to become sticky and clumped together so diluting it with a few drops of clean water will help avoid this from happening as well as preventing it from setting right away.
• Get a cleaning solution from your closet and then apply it onto the strawberry ice cream stain on your carpet. You can use any cleaning agent that you have but just make sure that you are using one that is safe for the carpet that you have.
• After applying the cleaning solution of your choice, the next thing that you have to do is to blot the strawberry ice cream stain on your carpet repeatedly. It will not be removed on its own so blotting is key. Continue to blot the stain until your carpet becomes clean and spotless once more.
• For the final step, rinse the area where the strawberry ice cream was spilled with a cup of water. Then, get a clean white cloth and dry everything before you use the area again.