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Here’s our September 2016 Client Newsletter.

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The Carpet Fiber of the Future?

Imagine a carpet that resists staining, fading and wear better than any other you’ve ever experienced. Now picture that carpet being soft and luxurious underfoot. If that wasn’t enough, this synthetic carpet fiber is made from a renewable, natural source. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? In the world of carpet, things change all the time. New combinations of styles, colors, textures and patterns are introduced every year.

As tastes change, so do carpets. One thing that rarely changes is the selection of fibers used to make carpet yarns. In fact, since the 1960’s, there have basically been only 3 synthetic carpet fibers available; nylon, polyester and olefin (polypropylene). Things changed in 2009 when a new kind of fiber became available to consumers.

Polytrimethylene terephthalate or PTT is generically known as triexta. The fiber is marketed under the trade name Sorona by DuPont and SmartStrand Carpet by Mohawk Industries. Triexta promised a superior combination of cleanability, colorfastness and durability than any one of the other synthetic carpet fibers could.

Interestingly, the process of making the fiber now known as triexta was invented in 1941 and was considered to be another form of polyester (polyethylene terephthalate or PET). Polyester carpets have been around since the 1960’s. Remember shag? The problem with polyester PET is its lack of resilience, allowing it to crush down and distort in traffic areas.

The fiber producer and carpet manufacturers realized the difficulty of convincing the public that PTT overcame the limitations of polyester and made a petition to the Federal Trade Commission to create a new designation for PTT polyester. After 3 years of careful review and due process, the FTC agreed that the characteristics of triexta were unique enough to grant PTT a new designation as a subclass of polyester. The generic name triexta was applied to this previously underappreciated polymer. So what is so great about triexta? According to carpet manufacturers and the fiber producer, triexta is virtually stain proof. It is also extremely colorfast, resisting color loss from sunlight, UV light and even chlorine bleach.

But the same things can be said of polyester. It is the improved resilience of triexta that makes it superior to polyester. How does triexta compare to nylon? In the category of resilience, nylon is the still the winner. But in the category of colorfastness and stain-resistance, triexta is the clear champion. Olefin is also colorfast and stain resistant, but it lacks resilience, tending to crush in high traffic areas. One additional feature of triexta is the softness of the fiber. Carpets made with triexta feel softer and more luxurious than any other synthetic fiber. This is surprising in a carpet that is expected to last 20 or more years in normal use.

What about cleanability? We have observed that carpets made with triexta clean as well as polyester and generally easier than nylon. However, some oily soils form a bond with the fiber and can be more challenging to remove. Typical soiling and food and beverage spills are removed fairly easily. Products that would stain nylon are no problem for triexta; they clean out readily. So is triexta a miracle fiber? Only time will tell. The jury is still out since these carpets have only been widely available for about 6 years now. It definitely shows promise. No matter what kind of carpet you have,Professional Carpet Systems has the training, equipment and expertise to keep it beautiful for a long time.

Let The Robotic Vacuum Carpet Cleaners Do The Cleaning For You

Robotics have changed the way things are done these days mainly on the industrial aspect of life. From the period of long manual assembly lines filled with workers to a period of faster and also more accurate robotic assembly links, these robots have absolutely raised the bar in accomplishing things. Nowadays, robots have been continuously enhanced to simulate whatever it is that used-to-be only man can do.

These remarkable cleaning tools have been developed to make man’s life much more convenient and easy. Robots have now been even innovated to assist humans in the activity of cleaning. Well, if you are shopping for the perfect carpet vacuum cleaners therefore you might wish to take into consideration a robotic vacuum to perform the task for you.

From the very simple vacuum carpet cleaner of the days gone by, the robotic vacuum cleaner or robo vacuum cleaner has been designed to clean carpets and rugs, floors and inglenooks. These robotic vacuum cleaners are actually available in many prominent vacuum cleaner or home appliance shops. So if you are actually considering the finest one, then you might desire to pick this vacuum cleaner type to perform the task for you.

robotic vacuum carpet cleaner are operated with microchips that you can set or customize to match your cleaning requirements. These cleaning machines have artificial intelligence, good enough to leave them on their spot and expect them to do the assigned task efficiently. Robo vacuum carpet cleaners operate on electric battery yet you need not worry because after it cleans up, it goes back to its charging spot to recharge.

Are you worried that it might bump into your coffee table or trip over your best China wares? Fret not because a robo vacuum cleaner has an inbuilt sensor to steer its way out of trouble. If you fear it might just fall over your stairs, fret not as well because it has been designed to avoid a tumble.

Robo vacuum carpet cleaners are actually now readily available in the market and you can choose from a wide selection. With a budget about 250 to 500 Canadian dollars, you can already acquire one for your clean-up needs. Be cautious in choosing though, because most of these robotic vacuum cleaners have various functionalities and attributes that you might not be needing.

If you want to be sure that what you acquire is worth the money that you intend to spend, you can go for known brands such as Karcher RC 300 Robocleaner or perhaps CleanMate. These brands have actually been tried and tested and have gained good track records in the field of robotic vacuum cleaners. These brand names likewise offer unique features that you would certainly enjoy and could make use of in cleaning.

So if you wish to sit back, loosen up and enjoy your precious time in your home as well as that you do not want to worry about the mess and the hassle of cleaning up, then a robo vacuum cleaner is the particularly for you.

Dry Carpeting Cleansing Methods

Designer carpets and rugs usually compliment the interior design of our sitting room and bedrooms. Regular carpet and rugs care includes simple vacuuming. Nonetheless, cleaning a grubby, thick and hefty carpet and rugs is always a major matter of worry. A few of the different carpet and rugs cleaning methods include dry cleaning, hot water extraction and shampooing. Carpeting dry cleaning technique is fairly simple and can be made use of in the house to clean any sort of medium sized soiled carpet and rugs without creating a mess throughout the procedure. With this DIY option, one can easily conserve hundred of bucks usually charged by the expert carpet and rugs dry cleaners.

Ways to Use Dry Carpet Cleaning in Your Home

When cleaning carpets and rugs, never ever follow the conventional technique that includes application of soap and water since wet the rugs tend to be heavy and therefore you will have rather a tough time when washing and washing them. Such rugs will additionally take even more time to completely dry. Furthermore, spreading a somewhat damp carpeting on the floor promotes mold and mildew development beneath it. Besides being tedious, cozy water extraction and shampooing treatments additionally create soiling within a really short time period. Hence, due to these factors, dry cleaning of carpets and rugs is the greatest cleaning technique that can be carried out in the house.

You ought to never ever await the carpeting to turn heavily soiled when you select these DIY carpet and rugs cleaning ideas. In short, always remove your carpet and rugs for cleaning when it’s somewhat unclean, so that you successfully clean it with less effort. Dry carpet and rugs cleaning method does not involve the use of water and also one does not have to have a commercial carpet and rugs cleaning device for this application. All that is needed is a practical dry carpet and rugs cleaner and some standard cleaning skills. The significant steps for dry cleaning a carpet and rugs are as enumerated below.

  1. To remove stains on your carpeting, utilize a clean broom or a soft-bristled brush to spread the cleaning item to the deeper fibers. This item follows the dirt which is easily removed by a vacuum.
  2. Effectively vacuum cleaner clean the carpeting before commencing the real dry cleaning treatment. This is useful in removing at least 80 per cent of dirt and additional adhering grains from the rug.
  3. You may additionally follow the advanced cotton bonnet carpeting dry cleaning method which needs you to hire an equipment that has spinning pads. You will then feed the option to the pads which will separate the pollutants from the fibers. This can then be followed by vacuum cleaner cleaning.

For carpet and flooring in Delaware dry cleaning will undoubtedly take about one hour of your time unlike cozy water extraction or shampooing methods. However, for routine maintenance on the long term, you ought to have the carpet and rugs steam cleaned after every two dry cleans. For challenging and stubborn carpet and rugs discolorations, a more functional answer would be to give the carpeting to an expert carpet and rugs cleaning service as it is much far better to bear the cleaning rate rather than spoil your room looks with a stained carpet and rugs!

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