Cleaning Up Crayon Stains on the Rug

Rugs are not supposed to be dirty as it will affect the way that it looks. Rugs should stay clean and beautiful as it is a home accessory that is supposed to improve the appearance and appeal of your home. Sadly it does not stay clean forever so you should always try to do your best to clean up whatever mess that could happen to it.

One of the tough cleaning problems that you could face on your rug is crayon stains that your kids can cause. Children just love to draw using crayons and sometimes their creativity may cause them to make your rug as their canvas.

Crayon stains can be really tricky to clean and it is something that can definitely ruin the way that your rug looks. To find out how you can clean up the crayon stains on your rug be sure to check out the useful post below.

• Get a dull knife and try to scrape away the crayon stain on the rug. Just make sure that you are careful when doing so as you don’t want to spread the mess or damage the fibers of your rug in the process. Do this until you can no longer remove any crayon particles.
• The next step is to make a cleaning solution that will help eliminate the remaining crayon stain on your rug. Take a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent and then combine it with four cups of warm water. The detergent is great when it comes to breaking down and eliminating the crayon stain so use it in the next steps to remove the unwanted rug stain.
• Take a small amount of the cleaning solution and then apply it on the stained portion of the rug. Afterwards, use a clean white cloth or a paper towel and then gradually blot the unwanted stain on your rug. Apply slight pressure as you blot the stain and soon enough it will be completely eliminated.
• Once you are done in getting rid of the crayon stain, the final phase of the process is to make sure that there is no residue that could get left on your rug fibers. To ensure that this is done, rinse the spot on your rug where the stain used to be with a cup of room temperature water. Then, get some clean rags and dry the area off until your rug is finally back to normal.