Cleaning Up Strawberry Frosting Stains on the Rug

Cupcakes are really delicious and there are just so many kinds that you can dig into. There are so many ways to enjoy cupcakes and one of the best ways to do so is by adding some strawberry cupcake frosting on top of it.

Strawberry frosting really make the cupcakes more tasty but it can make quite a mess if you inadvertently smear some of it on the fibers of your rug. This is surely not a situation that you want to be in but sadly this kind of problem can happen very often in households all over the country.

Cleaning up the strawberry frosting on your rug can be a real pain but you can make it a more manageable task if you know what to do. Try to follow the guide below to learn how you can effectively clean up the strawberry frosting stains on your rug at home.

Step 1. Always start by cleaning up the cupcake frosting that is left on your rug fibers. It is really important that you are careful when you are doing so in order to avoid having the strawberry frosting spread to a wider area of your rug. Simply get a clean white cloth and use it to blot the frosting out of the rug fibers.

Step 2. The second step in this guide is make a cleaning agent for the strawberry frosting stain on the rug. The cleaning solution is going to help break down the stain which is left behind on the rug so that the stain particles will be removed. A good cleaning solution that you can make is one made up of one part white vinegar and four parts warm water.

Step 3. Take some of the white vinegar cleaning solution and then pour it on the spot where the stain is found on your rug. Wait for a few minutes before doing anything else to allow the solution to completely soak the stain.

Step 4. The fourth step is using a clean white cloth to continuously blot the stained portion of the rug. Doing this is going to help lift the stain out of the rug fibers and eventually all of the strawberry frosting stain will transfer onto the surface of the cloth.

Step 5. The final step is to rinse the area of the rug which you just cleaned using a cup of clean water. This step will ensure that there will be no residue left behind on the rug.