Eliminating Sunscreen Lotion Stains on the Rug

During the summer time, the rays of the sun can be extremely harsh on our skin. If you are not careful, even stepping out into the sunlight at the beach for just a few minutes may leave your skin burned. This is a painful predicament that you surely do not want to be in.

Luckily, there are very simple ways that you can try to help avoid getting sunburned. One of the most common and simplest ways to do this is by applying sunscreen on your skin before going out into the sun.

While you are putting on your sunscreen lotion inside the home before going out though there may be some instances when you inadvertently squirt some of the sunscreen lotion all over your beautiful rug. This is very problematic since the sunscreen could leave behind a very nasty stain that is tough to clean.

Learning to take the right steps to fix this situation is essential so I have provided a guide below that you can follow to restore the beauty of your rug at home.

1. Begin the process by using a dull knife to slowly scrape off the sunscreen lotion on the rug. You need to do this very slowly and cautiously as you do not want to spread the lotion instead of trying to extract it.
2. Get a few pieces of paper towels and then start blotting the area of the rug where the sunscreen stain is found. You should continue to blot the stain until there is no more lotion transferring onto the surface of the paper towel.
3. Combine a teaspoon of clear ammonia with a cup of water for the next step in this guide. This is going to produce a really good homemade cleaning solution that will be very effective in removing carpet stains. Once you are done making the ammonia-based cleaning solution, use some of it onto the stain and then leave it there for a few minutes.
4. Using a clean white cloth, begin to slowly blot the spot where the sunscreen lotion is found. Do this repeatedly until there is no more stain found on y our rug. It could take a while but just remain patient until everything is back to normal in terms of your rug’s appearance.
5. Conclude the task by rinsing the spot where the stain used to be found using some clean water and then drying it up with some clean towels.