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Don’t Make These Common Carpet Care Mistakes

Keeping your carpets clean is not only important to the look and feel of your home, it’s also a vital factor in maintaining good indoor air quality. And that’s good for your health. Here are some common mistakes to avoid so that your carpet remains clean, beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.

Mistake #1 – ALLOWING SPOTS AND SPILLS TO SET Accidents are going to happen, but permanent stains don’t have to. While it’s possible to clean and deodorize an old spot or stain, your chance of removing a fresh spill is much higher if you act fast. Spills continue to penetrate into the carpet and bond to carpet fibers the longer they sit. Depending on what has spilled, the stain could begin to oxidize and become permanent. If the spill penetrates into the carpet pad, you may have a much bigger problem later. Old spills in padding have a tendency to wick back to the surface during future cleanings.

Mistake #2 – NOT TESTING SPOT REMOVERS BEFORE USING Do you have a sample of your carpeting or some extra pieces that weren’t needed when the carpeting was installed? These are perfect to use for testing any type of cleaners, spotters and deodorizers. The last thing you want to see is a stain develop from one of the cleaning products you are using to remove a stain or odor. Instead, use an extra piece of carpeting, and if there is none available, pick out a spot in the rear of a closet to test.

Mistake #3 – IMPROPER SPOT & SPILL CLEANUP Different spots require different cleaning agents, equipment and techniques. Applying a particular chemical to one stain may produce great results. Applying that same spotter to another type of spill could make the spot permanent. Scrubbing the carpet with brushes and towels can cause permanent distortion to the yarns. Carpet should never be scrubbed. The preferred action is called tamping or blotting. After testing in an inconspicuous location, apply the appropriate cleaning agent to the spot, agitate gently, and blot the area with a clean white terry cloth towel. If the directions call for rinsing the product out of the carpet, spray clean water from a trigger sprayer onto the area, agitate gently and blot up the excess moisture. Repeat the rinsing procedure, if necessary, to remove any soapy residue.

Mistake #4 – NOT HIRING A PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANER Keeping your carpets clean and beautiful includes regular vacuuming, prompt attention to spots and spills and keeping soils outside with the right mats at entrances. It’s even better if you can refrain from wearing “street” shoes in the home. Eventually, your carpets need a deep cleaning. And regardless of what manufacturers of do-it-yourself carpet cleaners tell you, you do need a trained professional to get your carpets thoroughly cleaned. We use professional cleaning agents, equipment and techniques to get your carpets deep down clean. Carpets that are cleaned and protected regularly will last longer and help improve indoor air quality. That’s why major carpet manufacturers require professional cleaning every 12-24 months to maintain your carpet warranty and extend the use-life of your carpets.

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