Effective Methods in Removing Unwanted Smells on the Rug

Unwanted smells on the rug can really affect the overall mood and environment inside your home. No matter how beautiful and attractive it may be, if it smells then you will surely draw frowns and surprised looks from the visitors or guests who enter your home.

The smell on the rug can come from many different sources. It may be due to bacteria or fungi on the rug or it could also be because of odors coming from urine or sweat of your pets.

Nobody wants that kind of reaction from the people who visits you in your home and of course you would not want to live in a place where there is unwanted smell emanating from the rug. Doing everything that you can to help eliminate this smell is necessary and to help you out I have highlighted some methods which you can opt to use in this situation.

Method 1: Use a Homemade Rug Deodorizer Using Dried Herbs and Baking Soda

This method is one of the easiest ones to make and it will surely help you out in minimizing and even completely removing the unwanted smell that is coming from your rug. It is easy enough to do that you can even ask the help of your kids to make it a fun activity. All you would need are some baking soda, some dried fragrant herbs and an empty container. Use a mortar and pestle to make the dried herbs into powder form and then mix it with the baking soda in an empty container. Afterwards, sprinkle the mixture on the rug and leave it there overnight. Just vacuum the powder the next morning and notice the fresh smell which will be coming from your rug at home.

Method 2: Take the Rug to Professional Rug Cleaners

Sometimes tough smells can be very difficult to eliminate and if you have this kind of problem at home then you should really consider hiring a professional to help you out in cleaning the rug. If unwanted odor cannot be removed using any do-it-yourself methods that you have tried, maybe it is time to allow the professionals to take a knack at it. The problem with rug odor is that sometimes it can be rooted deep in the rug and it requires professional attention to really be able to get rid of it. Always see to it that you consider hiring a professional rug cleaner when the rug odor just won’t go away so that you can have your rug smelling nice and clean once more.