How to Clean Up Cream Filling Stains on the Carpet

Cream filling is surely something which makes different kinds of pastries all the more delicious. They are really creamy and tasty which is why everybody wants to have a taste. It is perfect on donuts, breads, and other little treats and it will certainly satisfy the sweet tooth of many food lovers in an instant.

The problem with cream filling though is that it can sometimes be messy to eat. You could try to bite one part of the doughnut or pastry and the filling could accidentally come out of the other end and get on your carpet. This predicament can be very problematic since it will result in a very unsightly stain on your carpet fibers that will be tough to clean.

Removing the cream filling stain on your carpet is no laughing matter as it can really affect the look of your carpet at home. To fix this situation, read the guide I have made below to learn the correct steps that you must take.

• First you must remove the cream filling which has been spilled on the carpet fibers. In order to do this you must get a dull knife and try to scrape the filling out of the carpet fibers. Do not rub or wipe the spill since this is going to spread the filling further. Just scrape it carefully using the knife and move on once you have removed as much of it as you can.
• Look in your closet and get the carpet cleaning solution that you would normally utilize. If you do not have any lying around the house, simply mix one part of dish washing liquid with four parts of warm water. After you have a cleaning solution on hand, pour some of it on the stained portion of the carpet and then you can proceed to the next step.
• Wait for a few minutes before doing anything else since the cleaning solution needs to soak the stain for a couple of minutes in order to have the best results. Afterwards, use a clean paper towel to slowly blot the cream filling stain and then repeat this as often as needed to eliminate the ugly stain.
• Conclude the process by rinsing the spot you cleaned using a cup of room temperature. After doing so just dry the area completely using some clean rags and you are done cleaning up the cream filling stain on your carpet.