Fade-Free Rug Cleaning

Rugs can be a pretty addition to your home’s interior design. However, it can also be challenging to maintain it. You have to keep it clean but you also have to protect the color and the design. Otherwise, it defeats its purpose as an ornament that adds life to a room. It would also break your heart to see an expensive antique rug get ruined.
When it comes to removing stains from rugs, you actually have a variety of options. A lot of cleaners and detergents are very potent in removing all types of stains in your rugs. However, these detergents aren’t very friendly with the color and the fabric of your rug. So you have to be very keen in choosing the right one to use. Here are some tips on how to clean your rugs without affecting their bright and lively colors:
Regular maintenance
Cleaning rugs regularly is a must. If done properly, it can help maintain the brilliant colors and help make the rug last longer. The basic thing to do is to vacuum the rug around once every two days. Be sure not to vacuum it too often as it can also cause damage to your rug. When you vacuum, run it through the top and bottom portion of the rug for a more thorough cleaning.Dusting it off at least once a week can also help remove the dust that has gathered in the rug.
Removing Stains
As much as possible, do not put your rug in an area where you eat or where it would be prone to spills and stains. But in case this happens, don’t panic and be careful with the cleaning agents that you use. The safest things to use are white vinegar, a dish washing liquid solution or a mild detergent solution. These are potent in removing stains but are friendly to the rugs design and color. Apply these three sparingly in the affected area. You can use a cloth to rub it gently and remove the stain quicker. Then rinse it with water and let it dry.
Deep Cleaning
It is also important to deep clean rugs regularly. Washing it at least once a year can help remove all the stains that can cause damage to the rug. Traditionally, rugs are hand-washed and up to this day, it is still the best method in deep cleaning a rug. it can be a bit time consuming so there are those who opt to hire a professional rug cleaner instead.