Guide to Clean Up Mayonnaise on Your Carpet

Mayonnaise has become one of the most popular condiments being used by people all over the country. It is really great since it can be used to create a ton of different dishes, sandwiches, and other recipes. It is also not that expensive so that you can work on creating your kitchen masterpieces using it without it being too costly.

But unfortunately, there can be a bad side to mayonnaise and that is it can be a problem to clean up on your carpet if you spilled it accidentally. Mishaps and accidents happen all the time so it is not really uncommon to find mayonnaise spills in households everywhere.

Cleaning up this kind of mess can be a real pain but by following the guide below you can make this task a lot more manageable. Check out the steps that you need to follow to solve this carpet cleaning problem easily.

1. Use a dull knife or a spoon to carefully remove the spilled mayonnaise on your carpet. It is very important that you do this carefully and with a lot of focus as you don’t want to accidentally smudge the mayonnaise on the other portions of the carpet.
2. After you have removed as much of the spilled mayonnaise, it is now time to address the ugly stain that it has likely created on your carpet. For this type of stain, you will need to create a cleaning solution that will help break it down. This can be easily accomplished by combining a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water. Take the resulting cleaning solution and apply it on the stained portion of the carpet.
3. Let the cleaning solution work it’s magic on the mayonnaise stain for a couple of minutes. Then, take a clean white cloth and slowly blot the stain. This will result in the stain transferring gradually from the carpet fibers and onto the cloth. Do this again and again until all of the stain is removed.
4. Rinse the carpet with some clean water to help avoid any residue from staying behind and building up over time. Then, dry the area completely with some clean towels to finish off the job.

Mayonnaise stains can ruin your carpet’s appearance in a jiffy that is why you must clean it up as best as you can. If this ever happens in your home, just follow the guide above to solve this problem quickly and effectively.