Guide to Cleaning Soda Stains on Your Carpet

Soda is really a nice drink to go with some popcorn or chips while you are watching a great movie in the living room with the lights off. It is a great way to spend an evening indoors with your friends and family.

Unfortunately, while you are enjoying your movie things could suddenly take a bad turn if you suddenly tipped over your soda and spilled it on the carpet. Soda spills can be very stubborn and will surely leave behind a mark that will be difficult to remove.

Are you having this very problem in your home? If you are, don’t worry too much as you have found the right place to get help. Here is a simple guide that you can use to get rid of the ugly soda stains that you have on the carpet.

Start by removing as much of the spilled soda on your carpet with the use of an absorbent cloth or a sponge. Use either of the two to dab the spill and extract it in order to make it easier to address the stain which the spill has caused.

Next, you should use a cleaning solution that will help eliminate the ugly stain on your carpet. You can make use of a simple combination of white vinegar and hot water to solve you carpet cleaning problem. Take one part of the former and add it to four parts of the latter and you will have a very effective cleaning solution for the soda stain on your carpet.

Apply the cleaning solution onto the stained portion of the carpet and allow it to set for about five minutes. This will let the cleaning solution slowly attack the stain so that it can be removed a lot easier. Then, use a clean white cloth to slowly blot the stain repeatedly. Blotting will cause the stain to slowly be removed so that eventually your carpet will be clean and stain-free once again.

Pour a cup of water onto the stained portion of the carpet in order to flush out any cleaning solution residue that could get left behind. Dry everything up with some clean rags to complete your task.

Soda stains can really ruin your carpet’s appearance which is why you should get rid of it as soon as you can. Try the guide above you see how easy it can be to solve this tough carpet cleaning problem.