How to Clean Up Cranberry Sauce Stains on the Carpet

A carpet should be kept nice and clean for you to be able to get the most out of it. A clean and tidy carpet can draw praise and compliments from the people who visit your home but if it is dirty then it will give you the exact opposite. While it is true that carpets can be very tough to clean and maintain, it is nonetheless a very important task that you should master if you want to have the best chance of preserve its beauty and appearance.

One challenge which many homeowners face is having spills and stains happen on the carpet. Spilling something like cranberry sauce may be very easy to clean up on cement or wood flooring but if you spill it on the carpet then you have a completely difficult situation on your hands.

Cranberry sauce is a very popular kind of sauce which many use in preparing dishes. You should try your best to keep the cranberry sauce out of the carpet but if it accidentally gets spilled then you should do your best to clean it effectively. Try out the steps below to help you in removing cranberry sauce stains on your carpet.

1. Extract the spilled cranberry sauce on your carpet fibers quickly so that you can prevent it from penetrating deeper thus making it a lot more difficult to clean. Try to use a clean white cloth to blot the spill until all of the excess sauce is removed.
2. Pour some water on the stain that is left behind on your carpet to help dilute the affected area. After adding the water, use a clean paper towel to blot and dry the area.
3. Apply a cleaning solution onto the stained area of your carpet. If you don’t have any commercial cleaning solutions for carpet stains, you may want to make one yourself. It is actually quite simple as you just have to combine 1 teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with four cups of warm water. This very simple mixture will do wonders in getting your carpet back to normal.
4. Use some of the cleaning solution you have chosen onto the cranberry juice stain and then let it set for five minutes. Afterwards, get a clean paper towel and begin to blot the stain on your carpet continuously until it is totally removed.
5. After you have eliminated the stain, get a glass of clean water and then pour it on the portion of the carpet that you just cleaned. This is going to help rinse out any residue that could potentially cause build-up on your carpet fibers over time. Dry everything with the use of a wet/dry vac and your carpet will now already be clean and spotless.