Tips in Eliminating Calamine Lotion Stains on the Carpet

Having irritated or itchy skin can be extremely frustrating and annoying to have. You never want to deal with it and thankfully you can use some calamine lotion to help ease the itching.

Calamine lotion is really helpful often when it comes to soothing your irritated skin which can be caused by sunburn or insect bites. Sometimes though it can cause irritation too but not in the physical sense. This happens when you accidentally spill the calamine lotion all over your carpet which can be a very frustrating situation for any carpet owner.

Spilling calamine lotion on the carpet can result in an ugly stain which will ruin the beauty of your carpet at home. You should try your best to clean calamine lotion stains that you may have on your carpet and to help you out you can follow the useful tips below.

• Clear as much of the spilled calamine lotion on the carpet by using a clean white cloth or some paper towels and blotting the area. This is going to help clear up the carpet of the excess foreign material so that you can properly address the stain that will be left behind.
• Pour some water on the stain left behind on your carpet so that you can help dilute it. This is going to help make things a lot easier for you when it comes to removing the calamine lotion stain.
• Make a cleaning solution using one teaspoon of white vinegar and one cup of warm water. This is going to make a very potent cleaning agent that will help you in eliminating the stain.
• Apply the cleaning solution you have created on the stained portion of the carpet and let it set for a few minutes. After doing so, get a clean white cloth and slowly blot the calamine lotion stain. It is best if you blot from the outside of the stain moving inward so that you can prevent any spreading that may occur.
• Repeat the previous step until all of the calamine lotion stain is gone. It may take some time but just stay patient until the carpet is back to normal.
• Rinse the place where the stain was located using a glass of room temperature water. This is going to help flush out any potential residue that could get left behind. Use a wet/dry vac to dry the area and your carpet will be nice and clean once more.