How to Clean Up Iodine Stains on the Rug

Getting scrapes and wounds on your body is never a pleasant experience. Nobody wants to experience pain and these types of injuries tend to result in scars on your body too. Treating the wound properly is always important so that you can avoid having any infection and also to help it heal quickly and one of the items that you can use for this purpose is iodine.

Iodine is a really useful item that helps in disinfecting the wound that you may have. It helps kill germs and bacteria so that your wound does not become infected. Just be cautious when you are using iodine inside the house though as you wouldn’t want to accidentally spill some of it on your rug.

Iodine stains on the rug is really frustrating but it doesn’t mean that you should just give up already. Take a few minutes to read the useful post below so that you can learn how to easily get rid of the ugly iodine stain on your rug

• Blot the spilled iodine on your rug immediately to extract it from the rug fibers. Never rub or wipe the spill as you will only cause the situation to become worse. Just blot the spill until you are able to remove as much of the iodine as you can out of the rug.
• Take some dry cleaning fluid and then pour it on an absorbent pad. Then, take the absorbent pad and put it over the area where the iodine stain is found on your rug. Put a heavy object on top of the absorbent pad and then leave it there for several minutes. The absorbent pad soaked with dry cleaning fluid will help lift the stain out of the rug fibers and transfer it onto the surface of the pad.
• After about thirty minutes, remove the heavy object and then see if there is still some of the stain that remains on your rug. You may be lucky and the stain may be completely gone but if you are not as fortunate then repeat the second step until all of the stain is gone.
• Once you have removed the stain out of the rug, what you need to do lastly is to rinse the place which was previously affected to help eliminate any unwanted residue. Pour a cup of water on the area and then dry it completely using some clean towels to finish things off.