How to Eliminate Pizza Sauce Stains on the Rug Effectively

Pizza is surely one of the most loved food items all over the world. Anywhere you go you are bound to see a pizza place which serves delicious pizza for the masses to enjoy. There are many different kinds of pizzas and there is surely a variety for everyone to enjoy.
Pizza though can be very messy to eat, especially if you are at home. The pizza can be very hot and there may be times when you picked up a slice without noticing this fact. This will likely cause you to drop the pizza you are holding and it could end up face down on your beautiful rug.
This is not something that you would want to happen as the pizza sauce will get all over your rug fibers and this will cause a very ugly stain that will ruin its appearance. If ever this happens to your rug at home, follow the advice below to quickly restore your rug’s beauty to normal.
Use a dull knife or a spoon to slowly remove the solid pizza particles and then use a clean paper towel to blot the sauce to extract it. Do this immediately so that you can prevent the mess from affecting a wider area of the rug.
After you have removed as much of the pizza as you can from the rug, the next step is to remove the stain which the spill has created on your rug. You can use a combination of one teaspoon dish washing liquid mixed with one cup warm water to create a very potent cleaning solution for the stain.
Take the stain fighting solution and apply it on the pizza sauce stain on your rug. You should let the solution soak the pizza sauce stain for a while first to let the former work on breaking the latter down. After you have done so, use some clean white cloths to repeatedly blot the pizza sauce stain until it is completely removed.
Once you have eliminated the ugly stain on your rug, the final step that you need to take is to ensure that there is no residue that will get left behind on the rug fibers. To do this, get some clean water and the use it to rinse the area you just cleaned. Then, dry the entire area with the help of some clean towels. Once you have done this your rug will surely be clean and back to normal already.