How to Eliminate Soda Stains on the Carpet

Having a nice cold glass of soda is certainly a great drink to have together with some chips, nachos, or any other snack while you are watching your favorite shows on television. Soda is really delicious and comes in many different flavors that will surely satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

While you are watching the television though it is not completely uncommon to accidentally spill the soda you are drinking and get it all over your beautiful carpet at home. This can be extremely annoying to have as soda stains on the carpet can definitely be a tough chore to do. It will cause a nasty carpet stain which no homeowner wants to have.

Cleaning up this kind of problem can sometimes be overwhelming to some homeowners but there certainly are ways that you can deal with this easily. Follow the advice below to help you out with your carpet cleaning problem.

1. Begin the process by using a sponge to slowly extract all of the spilled liquid on your carpet right away. Doing this immediately will help in minimizing the potential stain so that it will be clean up a lot easier. Continue to perform this step until all of the spilled soda is removed.
2. Add a few drops of water on the stained area of the carpet and then blot the area a couple of times using a piece of paper towel. This will help make the stain lighter so that it will be removed quickly and effectively with the next step.
3. Mix one part of dish washing liquid and four parts of warm water in an empty container to be able to create an effective cleaning solution that will get the stain out of your carpet fibers. Once you have made the solution, apply some of it onto the stain and then leave it there for a few minutes.
4. Procure a clean white cloth and then gradually blot the soda stain found on your carpet fibers. This will result in the soda stain slowly getting lifted out of the carpet and then transferring to the surface of the clean white cloth. Perform this step repeatedly until the entire stain is gone.
5. The final step in this guide is to flush out unwanted residue on your carpet by rinsing it using a glass of water. Completely dry the area with the help of a clean rag and then you’re finally done making your carpet clean and spotless.