How to Get Rid of Sour Cream Dip Stains on the Rug

A bag of chips, some dip and an excellent movie can make for a great evening with your family and friends. Gathering around the living room eating some chips and dip while checking out your favorite movie is surely something that everybody enjoys. While there are many kinds of dip available, one of the more popular dips that people love is sour cream.

Sour cream dip has a really rich flavor which is why it is always perfect with potato or corn chips. This is why it is a big favorite of many people. Sadly, it can also be a reason for a mess that you do not want to have as eating chips and dip can oftentimes be messy. Drips and spills are not uncommon so you should not be totally surprised to see that some of the sour cream dip that you are eating has gotten on your rug at home.

Sour cream dip stains on your rug is a very tough cleaning problem but there are ways that you can make this task a lot more manageable. Try to follow the advice below to finally get your rug clean and back to normal once more.

• Try to scoop up the spilled sour cream dip on your rug by using a dull knife or a spoon. If you can no longer remove the dip using the knife or spoon, get some paper towels and blot the area until you have extracted as much of the dip as you can.
• Making a cleaning agent to help remove the stain is the next step in this guide. It is actually pretty easy to do as all you would need is to combine one cup of warm water with a teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Place this in an empty plastic water bottle and proceed to the next step.
• Pour some of the cleaning solution you have made on the sour cream dip on your rug. Let it set there for three to five minutes to really allow it to work on the stain. Afterwards, get a clean paper towel and start to slowly blot the affected area again and again. You will notice that the sour cream dip stain will become lighter and lighter until it will be completely gone.
• Now that the stain is gone, the final step is to ensure that no residue stays behind on your rug fibers. Do this by pouring a cup of water on the place that you just cleaned and then dry it completely with some clean towels.