Eliminating Pizza Stains on the Carpet

Having a pizza party in your home is surely a great way to spend a Friday night with your family or with your buddies. Pizza is perfect for almost any occasion so just having some friends over to watch the game together or even just watching television with your kids can make for an exciting and enjoyable time.

It is fun and enjoyable though until someone accidentally drops the pizza they are eating face down on your beautiful carpet at home. Pizza can be a really messy food to eat and accidentally dropping it on the carpet is not an entirely uncommon occurrence. This can be really frustrating to any homeowner as the pizza will leave behind an ugly stain that is tough to clean up.

Getting rid of the pizza stain on your carpet is a big must so you should know how to correctly go about cleaning this mess. If you don’t know how to, try to follow the advice below to help you out.

1. Start by picking up the pizza dropped on your carpet right away. Be sure to do this carefully as you don’t want to smudge the pizza on other unaffected portions of your carpet. After picking up the pizza slice, use your fingers or a clean knife to slowly extract the loose food particles out of the carpet.
2. Use some paper towels and carefully blot the pizza sauce which is on your carpet fibers. Blot slowly to make sure you don’t spread the stain. Repeat this step until there is no more pizza sauce transferring onto the paper towel.
3. Get a cup of clear ammonia and combine it with four cups of warm water. This is going to be the cleaning solution that will help you in eliminating the ugly stain on your carpet. Place the ammonia-based cleaning solution in an empty spray bottle and proceed to the next step.
4. Use the cleaning solution you made onto the affected area of your carpet. Spray the pizza stain a few times and then let it soak the stain for about three minutes. This helps the solution break down the ugly pizza stain on your carpet.
5. Grab a paper towel and start to blot the pizza stain again and again. Be sure to do this carefully so that the stain will not spread. Continue to blot the stain until it is completely gone.
6. Rinse the spot where the pizza stain used to be with some clean water and then dry everything up using a clean rag or towel to finish the job.