Removing Icing Stains on Your Carpet

What is a birthday without a birthday cake, right? Surely having a delicious and tasty cake to celebrate a birthday really completes the whole occasion. Cakes are yummy and one of the favorite parts of the cake that people enjoy is the icing.

Young and old people alike love to just take some icing using their fingers and eat it. But this is where some cleaning issues can happen. Sometimes, while you are busy entertaining your guests and visitors, you may not notice that your children may have played around with the icing and accidentally smeared it all over your carpet.

This can be a tough situation to be in as icing stains can be very hard to remove. Thankfully, I have prepared a guide that you could utilize with this cleaning problem. If ever you are facing an icing stain on your carpet, just follow the steps highlighted below.

• Remove any foreign food particles on the carpet immediately as soon as you realize what has happened. Carefully remove the excess icing by using a blunt knife and slowly scraping it off. Do it slowly and cautiously as you don’t want to spread more icing on the carpet.
• You will now need to make a cleaning solution for the stain that is left behind. For this you will need a spray bottle, a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid that you commonly use, and a cup of warm water. Mix the last two ingredients together and completely dissolve the dishwashing liquid in the water. Then, place this resulting mixture inside the empty spray bottle.
• Spray the affected area of the carpet with the cleaning solution that you have just made. Allow the solution to soak the stain for about five minutes before proceeding to the next step.
• Take a piece of clean white cloth and carefully blot the area with it. The icing stain will become lighter and lighter as you continue to blot. This signifies that the process is working. Just keep doing this until all of the icing stain is gone. It may not get rid of the stain instantaneously but pretty soon the entire stain will be removed.
• Take a cup of clean water and then rinse the area where the icing stain used to be. This aids in flushing out any residue that could get left behind. Use a wet/dry vac to dry everything up and now your carpet will be just like new.