Tips in Correctly Removing Grease Stains on the Carpet

Carpets face a lot of tough cleaning problems on a daily basis. It has to put up with stains, spots, spills, and a lot of other issues. One of the tougher cleaning problems that you can face though is having grease stains on your carpet.

Yes, it may sound like it is a farfetched idea that grease will accidentally get spilled on the carpet but it actually occurs more commonly than you think. Grease can cling to your carpet fibers and it will certainly take a lot of your effort and patience in order to remove it properly. To guide you, here are some of the steps that you should try doing in order to get rid of the grease stains on the carpet and get it clean and looking like new once more.

The first thing that you would want to do is to get some cornstarch and then sprinkle this all over the grease stained portion of the carpet. Allow the cornstarch to set overnight so that it will have time to absorb the grease from the carpet fibers.

The following morning, get your trusty vacuum cleaner and begin vacuuming out the cornstarch on the carpet. Check the grease stain underneath to see if it is still there. You will notice some improvement on the grease stain but it will not be eliminated simply by the cornstarch.

Now you must create a cleaning solution that will help in breaking down and removing the grease. Try mixing a teaspoon of the ordinary dish washing liquid that you use in the kitchen with a cup of warm water. The dish washing liquid is a good component for your cleaning solution as this is often used to remove grease from dirty dishes. Apply the cleaning solution onto the stain and then allow it to set for a couple of minutes.

Now, get a clean white cloth and proceed in blotting the stained area of the carpet. The grease will become easier to remove now that you have applied the cleaning solution made out of the dish washing liquid. Continue blotting the stain until all of it is removed.

Rinse the carpet area where the grease stain was before with a cup of water. This aids in flushing out and removing any residue that could get left behind. Dry the area using some clean towels or rags and you are done getting your carpet clean and back to normal.