Cleaning Up Fresh Egg Spills on the Rug

Eggs is probably one food which is always a big favorite all over the world. It is really delicious to eat on its own and it is also used widely in creating terrific dishes and recipes. The kitchen simply is not complete without having eggs which is why there is probably some eggs in everyone’s fridge all of the time.

Eggs though can be very fragile and slippery as well. If you are not careful when handling the eggs it can break and cause quite a mess. It is okay if you make the mess in the kitchen as it is easy to clean it there but if it occurs in some other place in the house then it can be pretty frustrating.

One area where you never want to spill fresh eggs is on your rug as this will cause a very big stain that will be very hard to remove. If you do not want your rug to remain stained because of the fresh egg spill, follow the instructions below on what you should do if ever you are faced with this type of situation.

• Immediately getting rid of the spilled egg is always the first thing that you must do. Use your fingers to carefully extract the pieces of egg shell on the rug. For the liquid portions, get a clean paper towel and then start to use it on the affected area by blotting the spill.
• After removing the spill on the rug, the next thing you must do is to dilute the stain so that it does not set quickly. Try to add a few drops of room temperature water on the fresh egg stain and then dab it a few times using a paper towel.
• Get some dry cleaning fluid and then pour a small amount of it on an absorbent pad. You should then use the pad to carefully blot the egg stain on your rug.
• If after a few tries the stain is still there, pour a considerable amount of the fluid on a clean side of the pad and then put it over the stained area of the rug. Then get a heavy object and put it over the pad. Leave it there for an hour or so before removing it and surely the stain will be no more.
• Rinse the spot that was previously affected by the stain using a cup of water and then dry it completely with a clean rag. This is to avoid any residue from staying on the rug fibers.