Easily Cleaning Up Spilled Garlic Dip on the Carpet

Potato chips, fries, and other food items are great to eat but they become even better if you have some dip to enjoy them with. Garlic dip is one kind of dip which many people just love to eat. It makes the food tastier and full of flavor which is why it is always a hit among food lovers.

Garlic dip is very easy to make and there is also ready-made dip available if you do not want to bother creating your own. The thing with garlic dip though is that you must be very cautious not to spill it on your carpet as this is one predicament you never want to face.

Spilling garlic dip on your carpet though is sometimes unavoidable and if you are facing this type of problem in your home you should not panic. Just try out the steps I have shared below to see just how easy it can be to clean up this kind of mess on your carpet.

• You should start by removing as much of the garlic dip on your carpet as possible. Try to grab some paper towels and blot the spot where the garlic dip was spilled. Repeat this again and again until the excess dip is eliminated from the carpet fibers.
• Use some of the household items you may have lying around to create an effective cleaning solution for the garlic dip stain. You can use one teaspoon of clear ammonia mixed with one cup of warm water as a great substitute to commercial carpet cleaning products. Use this on the stain by applying a small amount to the affected area and leaving it there for a couple of minutes.
• Utilize a clean white cloth to blot the garlic dip stain on the carpet continuously until you start to see that the stain is transferring onto the surface of the cloth. Repeat this as often as needed until there is no more stain left on your carpet.
• Wrap things up by using a cup of clean water to rinse the area where the garlic dip stain used to be to remove potential residue that could get left behind. Then simply blot the area afterwards using some clean rags to thoroughly dry it.

Removing the garlic dip stains on your carpet may be a headache but it needs to be done. To help make things easier for you, be sure you follow the advice above to restore your carpet without any hassles.