Easily Cleaning Up Spilled Ranch Dressing on the Rug

Eating salads are becoming a norm for many people nowadays because of the move of many to eat healthier. Salads are perfect for those who want to stay healthy and fit while also allowing their taste buds to enjoy. Salads can come in many different varieties and there are countless kinds of dressing that you can use too.

Considered as one of the more popular salad dressings which are being enjoyed by many people is ranch dressing. This kind of dressing offers a very unique flavor that salad lovers enjoy. It can likewise be used as a dip too for chips, veggies, and other snack treats.

As you are enjoying the ranch dressing with your salad though there may be instances when you inadvertently get some of it on your beautiful rug which can lead to a very big mess. Spilling ranch dressing on your rug could be troublesome but the guide that I have provided below may be of some help in restoring your rug back to normal.

• Get some paper towels right away and try to extract the spilled dressing on your rug immediately. The paper towels will help absorb the spilled ranch dressing so that it will no longer spread to other parts of your rug.
• After doing the previous step, mix one teaspoon of white vinegar to one cup of lukewarm water to prepare a very simple yet effective cleaning agent that will help you out with the stain. The white vinegar is going to really be useful in dissolving the ugly stain that the spill has caused so that your rug will become clean and spotless once again.
• After you have made the vinegar-based cleaning solution, the next step is to use a small amount of the solution on the ranch dressing stain on your rug. You should apply a few drops of it on the stained area of your rug and then wait for five minutes before moving on to the next step.
• Once you have applied the vinegar cleaning solution on the dressing stain, get a paper towel or a white cloth and blot the ranch dressing stain on your rug repeatedly. As you continue to do so you will observe that the stain will slowly start to transfer from the surface of your rug onto the cloth. Do this continuously until such time that the entire stain is removed from your rug.
• The last step is to completely clean up any possible residue that could harm your rug over time. Rinse the spot that you have just cleaned with some cool water and then take some towels or a wet/dry vac to dry everything up.