How to Eliminate Dog Saliva Stains on the Carpet

Dogs are great animals and they are probably the most popular pets all over the world. They are just adorable and very loyal which are two characteristics that people love in them. They provide companionship that almost no other animal can give which is why they are well-loved the countless people.

One characteristic that homeowners don’t exactly love with their pet dogs is their drool. Yes, some dog breeds tend to drool a lot and their saliva can sometimes end up on the carpet which could cause a very bad stain. You never want to have this type of problem since the dog saliva will cause an ugly stain that will ruin the way that your carpet looks and at the same time it will also make it smell bad.

Cleaning up this kind of mess on the carpet is not easy which is why I have prepared a guide below to help you out. Follow these steps to properly deal with the dog saliva stains on your carpet.

1. Use a paper towel to absorb the dog saliva on your carpet. Try to remove as much of the dog saliva as quickly as you can so it doesn’t reach other portions of your carpet.
2. In order to remove the stain that the dog saliva has caused you will need to make a cleaning agent. You can use a mixture of dish-washing liquid and warm water for this purpose. A teaspoon of dish-washing liquid with a cup of warm water is going to go a long way in helping you eliminate the dog saliva stain on your carpet.
3. Apply the cleaning agent that you have made onto the affected portions of your carpet and leave it there to soak the dog saliva stain. Then, use a clean paper towel to repeatedly blot the area in order to completely remove the stain. You will need to stay patient as sometimes the stain can be stubborn but soon enough your carpet will be back to normal if you continue to follow this guide.
4. Take a cup of room temperature water and then pour it on the spot where the dog saliva stain used to be. Dry the entire area using some clean rags to complete the task.

Cleaning dog saliva stains on the carpet is not that difficult if you know what to do. Try the guide above and you’ll surely solve your problem in no time.