Eliminating Pineapple Juice Stains on the Carpet

Drinking healthy fruit juices instead of sodas is something that people should be doing more often. Many say that soft drinks are more refreshing but what they don’t know is many fruit juices taste great too. Pineapple juice is one really great example as it is not only full of vitamins and nutrients but it is also great for the taste buds too.

While pineapple juice is a really great drink, like most other drinks you should try to avoid spilling it on your carpet too. This is because pineapple juice spills is going to cause a big, ugly stain on your carpet which you never want to have.

If you are one of the countless homeowners dealing with pineapple juice stains on your carpet, try to check out the helpful post below to guide you in getting your carpet back to normal.

1. Quickly absorb the spilled pineapple juice on your carpet using a clean sponge or a white cloth. Be sure not to rub or wipe the spill as this will only cause it to spread. Just blot the area repeatedly until the liquid is completely removed.
2. Now that you have cleared the carpet of the excess liquid, it is now time to deal with the ugly stain that is left behind. Use a cleaning solution made up of one teaspoon clear ammonia with one cup of warm water. Ammonia is not just good for cleaning flooring and your bathroom as it will serve as a really useful ingredient in this homemade cleaning solution.
3. Apply some of the cleaning solution you have prepared on the pineapple juice stain on the carpet. Allow it to set for a few minutes first and then get some paper towels to use in blotting the stain. You will see that the stain will slowly transfer from the surface of the carpet to the paper towels which means that it is working.
4. Continue to perform the previous step until all of the stain is gone. It won’t take too long as the ammonia-based cleaning solution is going to break down the stain easily. Once you remove the stain, use a glass of water to rinse the area you cleaned and then dry it up thoroughly. This is to prevent having any residue stay behind on your carpet fibers.

Follow the guide above and you will surely be able to get rid of the ugly pineapple juice stain on your carpet at home. Good luck!