How to Clean Up Pesto Stains on the Carpet

Pesto is a classic sauce which is used by many cooks in preparing countless mouth-watering dishes. It is made up of basil, garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, and some Parmesan cheese and it creates a very unique taste that is loved by many.

Pesto can be used in a lot of common foods that we enjoy such as pasta, crackers, and salads to make them more delicious. If you are going to eat any pesto-laden food in your living room though make sure that you avoid spilling some of it on the carpet as this can be a very troublesome situation.

Spilling pesto sauce on the carpet can be really tough and it’s bright green color is surely going to cause an ugly stain that will be hard to remove. If ever you find yourself with this type of problem on your hands, follow the guide below to help you out.

• Grab a clean paper towel and try to blot the spilled pesto sauce on your carpet. Immediately doing this is going to increase your chances of having an easier-to-remove stain on your carpet. Continue to blot the spill until there is no more pesto sauce transferring to the paper towel.
• Use a medicine dropper to add a few drops of water on the pesto sauce stain left behind on the carpet. After adding the water, get a clean paper towel once more and blot the area again much like you did in the first step.
• To remove the stain completely you will need a potent cleaning solution. You can make on by combining one teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with four cups of warm water. Combine these in an empty spray bottle and then proceed to the next step in the guide.
• Use the spray bottle and spray the affected area of your carpet a few times. Allow the cleaning solution to soak the stain and then after that use a clean white cloth to blot the area repeatedly. Continue with this step until the entire pesto stain is gone.
• Rinse the carpet area where the pesto sauce was spilled using a cup of room temperature water. This is going to help you remove any residue that could stay behind on your carpet fibers. After doing this, use a clean towel to dry everything up and you’re done getting the carpet clean and back to normal once more.