Guide to Clean the Carpet on Your Stairs

Carpets are amazing home accessories that boost the aesthetic value of your home instantly. While it can be commonly found in the living room as well as bedrooms, it can also be installed on stairs which is certainly something that a lot of homeowners do. It can add style and beauty to the stairs as well as provide you and your family protection from slipping.

Having carpeting on your stairs is not all good though as it can be quite burdensome to clean. Stairs are used very often and thus carpets installed there can become dirty really quickly. If you have carpeting on your stairs and you don’t know exactly how to clean it correctly, check out the helpful guide that I have prepared for you below.

• Always Start Cleaning From the Top of the Stairs – This is something that should be common knowledge to everyone yet there are still some homeowners who clean from the bottom of the stairs going up. It is always recommended that you start from the top of your stairs so that whatever dust, dirt or any other unwanted particle that you remove from the carpet will fall downward until you reach the bottom of the steps. This will make it easier and more convenient for you to effectively clean your carpet on the stairs. Also, doing this will help you avoid stepping on areas that you have already cleaned.
• Use a Broom or a Wet/Dry Vac to Remove Debris – Debris can be really problematic on your carpet and the same goes for carpeting which is installed on your stairs. Before doing any cleaning, it is recommended that you remove any kind of debris on your carpet by using a broom or a wet/dry vac. This will help prevent any big debris from getting stuck in your vacuum cleaner which you will be using later on.
• Clean It Frequently – If you think that carpets in the living room can become dirty, carpeting on your stairs can be an even bigger cleaning issue. It is for this reason that you should always look to clean the carpet on your stairs often. Don’t wait for the carpet to look dull and dirty before you try cleaning it. Since it receives a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, cleaning it three to four times in a week is highly advised so that it won’t become too dirty or worn out from the heavy use.