How to Deal With Baby Poop Stains on the Carpet

If you have a baby in your home, nothing can make you happier than hearing the playful giggle or seeing the beautiful smile that he or she has. Babies are certainly a joy to have and they can certainly make any room livelier and full of smiles and laughter.

Taking care of a baby though is not always as easy is it appears. One of the issues that you would need to face is having cleaning problems that they may cause inside the house. A common predicament that many homeowners would complain about is their babies accidentally doing number two on the carpet. Baby poop can cause a major problem to your carpet and an ugly stain is surely something that you can expect if this happens to you.

Cleaning up the mess on your carpet is not easy but you must know how to do it in order to get your carpet back to normal. Follow the steps which I have highlighted below to find out how you can remove the baby poop stain on your carpet.

1. Extract the baby poop on your carpet by using a paper towel and picking it up. If the poop has a more liquid consistency then you can try to use the paper towel to blot the area until you are able to remove the feces.
2. Mix one teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with five cups of warm water inside an empty container. This is going to be the cleaning solution that you will use to help remove the poop stain on your carpet. The non-bleach laundry solution is an effective ingredient that will help break down any stain that you may have on your carpet.
3. Pour a small amount of the cleaning solution you created on the affected area of the carpet and let it stand for five minutes. This is going to allow the cleaning agent to work on breaking down the ugly poop stain on the carpet.
4. Using a clean white cloth, blot the stain repeatedly until you are able to remove all of it. It could take some time until you are able to completely eliminate the stain but pretty soon all of it will be gone and your carpet will look clean and spotless once more.

Baby poop stains on the carpet can be very challenging to deal with but with the advice above you will surely get it looking back to normal in no time.