Carpet Cleaning Guide: Removing Rice Pudding Stains on the Carpet

Rice pudding is one dessert which many people are fond of. It is creamy and delicious which surely make it a very popular food item. To add to its appeal, it is also a healthy treat that you can enjoy.

Rice pudding though can cause some cleaning problems if you accidentally spill it on your carpet at home. Doing so can cause a major mess since the rice pudding will be hard to clean and it will also create an ugly stain that will ruin the way that your carpet looks.

Making sure that you know how to clean up the rice pudding stain on your carpet is very important if you want to have any chance of getting it back to normal. If you don’t know the first thing about doing this, just follow the advice below to help you in cleaning up the rice pudding stain on your carpet.

1. Using a clean spoon, scoop up as much of the rice pudding which you spilled on your carpet. Performing this immediately is necessary so that you can save yourself a lot of trouble by preventing the spill from spreading to a wider area of the carpet.
2. Take some paper towels and start to blot the remaining rice pudding which you can no longer scoop up using the spoon. Blot the spill repeatedly until there is no more pudding transferring onto the paper towel.
3. Take one part of dish washing liquid and combine it with five parts of warm water. This is going to help you produce a cleaning solution that will remove the stain on your carpet. Take this with you to where the stain is located and then proceed to the next step.
4. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution on the rice pudding stain on your carpet. After letting it set for five minutes, use a paper towel to again blot the affected area. Repeatedly blot the stain until you are successful in eliminating it. This could take time but just remain patient until you get the results you are looking for.
5. Rinse the carpet area where the rice pudding was spilled with a glass of room temperature water. This is going to help remove any cleaning solution residue that could stay behind. Dry it completely using clean towels to finish off the job. By this time your carpet will be spotless and clean once more.