How to Remove Energy Drink Stains on the Carpet

If you are going out to play sports or any other physical activity, making sure that you stay hydrated and have the proper nutrients is very important. Without these you could likely become dehydrated or suffer injuries such as cramps which are commonly caused by lack of the proper fluids in the body.

Thankfully, energy drinks are now readily available to help us get through our toughest physical challenges. If you plan to play basketball, football, soccer, or run a marathon, taking some energy drink with you can help you stay hydrated and full of energy all the time.

One drawback with energy drink though is that it can make quite a mess on your carpet if you inadvertently spill it there. Energy drinks are commonly in bright colors and this can lead to a very ugly stain that will ruin the way that your carpet looks.

Are you facing this very problem on your carpet at home? Try the following tips to help get your carpet back to normal.

1. Blot the spilled energy drink on your carpet right away using a clean paper towel. Performing this quickly can give you the best chance of cleaning up the stain without any hassles. After you have removed all of the spilled energy drink, proceed to the next step.
2. Get a ¼ cup of water and pour it on the area where you spilled the energy drink. This is going to help in diluting the stain so that it will not set on your carpet fibers right away. Use a paper towel to blot it until the area becomes dry.
3. After performing the previous step, the next thing that you will need to do is to make a cleaning agent that will remove the energy drink stain. Pour one teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent in a cup filled with warm water and then place the resulting solution in an empty container.
4. Pour some of the detergent-based cleaning solution on the stained portion of the carpet and then let it set for a couple of minutes. Then, use a clean white cloth to repeatedly blot the energy drink stain. This is going to be really helpful in removing the stain completely out of your carpet.
5. With the stain finally gone, the last step for you to take is to flush out any residue that could remain in your carpet fibers. To do this, pour a glass of water on the place that you just cleaned. Then, dry everything using some clean towels or rags to conclude the task.