Removing Melted Chocolate on Your Carpet

Chocolate is something that everybody loves to eat. It can be enjoyed a number of different times and having a bite of chocolate will certainly help out in making you feel happy and ecstatic. One of the most popular ways to enjoy chocolate is by eating it in the form of a candy bar which both young and old love.

Whenever you are eating a chocolate candy bar though you must see to it that you do not drop chunks of the chocolate on your carpet as this can end up melting and causing a mess that will require a whole lot of cleaning. Melted chocolate stains on the carpet can be a nightmare and if you do no know what to do then you must go ahead and read further so that you can find out the proper steps that you have to take in order to get your carpet back to the way it was before.

1. Remove the melted chocolate particles on your carpet by using some paper towels to blot the area. You must never use the paper towels to rub or to wipe the melted chocolate since this will cause the mess to spread to other unaffected parts of your carpet.
2. Once you are done in extracting the melted chocolate on your carpet, you must now concentrate on the ugly stain that it has caused. You should gather some materials so that you can make a homemade cleaning solution that will get rid of the mess with ease. A mixture of 1 teaspoon of dish washing liquid with 1 cup of warm water will do the trick and produce a very effective cleaning agent for the stain.
3. Apply the cleaning solution that you have made on the stained parts of the carpet and then wait for several minutes to allow it to work on the stain. After doing so you should take a clean white cloth and begin to blot the melted chocolate stain. This may be tough to remove thus you should remain patient and just keep on blotting the stain until it is gone.
4. After you have eliminated the ugly melted chocolate stain on your carpet what is left for you to do is to flush out the potential residue that could remain on the fibers of your carpet. Use 1 cup of room temperature water to do this and then use some clean towels to dry everything up.