Tips in Removing Olive Oil Stains on the Rug

If you are a homeowner then taking proper care of your rug should always be a must. It can be quite difficult to accomplish though considering that there are many different cleaning problems that can happen to your rug at a given time. An example of such cleaning problems is spills and stains that can render your rug filthy and ugly.

One type of stain that can really frustrate a lot of homeowners is olive oil stains on their favorite rugs. While olive oil is usually used inside the kitchen, there may be instances when you would be bringing it to the dining room and accidentally spill it on the rug.

Facing this problem can be really hard for any homeowner but it certainly does not mean that your rug can’t be cleared of this mess. Here is a useful guide that you can follow to help you clean up this problem with ease.

1. The first thing that you have to do is to remove as much of the spilled olive oil on the rug. This is important so that you can prevent it from spreading to a larger area of your rug. You can do this by getting some paper towels and then blotting the spill until you have removed as much of it as you can.
2. Use a combination of one part dish washing liquid and four parts water to create a cleaning solution that will remove the olive oil stain on your rug. Being oil-based, the stain can be tough to clean using common cleaning solutions. Thankfully, dish washing liquid is really effective when it comes to oil and grease so it will help in eliminating the ugly stain on your rug.
3. Take a small amount of the cleaning solution you have made and apply it onto the stained area of the rug. Then, use a clean white cloth to repeatedly blot the affected area. You will see that the stain is becoming lighter and lighter until eventually it will be gone. It could take a while but eventually your rug will be completely back to normal once again.
4. Flush out any residue on the rug by rinsing the area you just cleaned with a cup of water. Then, dry everything to finish off the job.

Olive oil spills on the rug can be devastating if you don’t know the rights things to do in order to clean up this mess. If ever you face this issue at home, follow the guide above and you’ll be sure to get your rug nice and clean in no time.